The Most Controversial Awards Show Is Returned by NBC

The Most Controversial Awards Show Is Returned by NBC ...

The Golden Globes will likely recover from the horrific beating, but the outcome of the HFPA's recent controversy may be attributed to the broader broadcasting process. Despite the fact that the HFPA was founded in 1943 by a small group of journalists, and the corporation has often been criticised for its controversial dealings. In June, the media reported that it had a difficult time deciding whether or not to broadcast the awards. However, while the HFPA will likely retain its rights, since it will retain its popularity

You might be forgiven for believing that Will Smith inventing the Oscars to punch Chris Rock in the face was the only controversial moment in history. Despite that fact, the Academy Awards itself will go on, albeit at the same time. One of the most controversial awards shows, however, appeared to be based on controversy. The Crown of the most controversial awards show has gone to the Golden Globes, with no mention of it yet. Now, reports that NBC is planning to resume the Golden Globes broadcast for next

While not a complete agreement, NBC is in negotiations to return the award program in 2023 after a postponement in 2022. This hiatus was caused by one of the biggest controversies in awards show history. This past year, the Golden Globes endured nothing other than a complete disaster, which began when the LA Times published an article revealing that the HFPA had a huge diversity issue among its members.

The HFPA was founded in 1943 by a small group of journalists trying to strengthen their standing in the film world. In response, the LA Times reported that not one of the 87 members of the HFPA was black. In response, the media complained to boycott the awards, and Tom Cruise even returned all of his Golden Globes. However, the decision was made to proceed with the ceremony, but without a television broadcast or even a live stream.

If the awards do go ahead next year, the return to success for the Golden Globes and the HFPA will be a long and difficult process. Previously, NBC has chosen to air the awards on Sundays in early January, but given that New Years Day came to a close on Sunday, January 8, and the Critics Choice Awards came to an end, it leaves NBC no choice but to use a less than favorable slot Tuesday, January 10th.

The Golden Globes might very well still be under threat from the chaos that is the HFPA. Variety said in June that the organization is fighting among itself about the changes outsiders expect it to make in order for it to be a viable and worthy host of an Awards show.

The question remains: should the Golden Globes return next year with a NBC broadcast, will it even be worth it? Often, the awards show has been mocked by its own hosts (Ricky Gervais is the main reason) or the odd nominations that have occurred over the years, and in 2021, the show fell to its lowest viewing figures since NBC acquired the awards. However, the Oscars will likely recover from the tragic slap, but will they really recover from it?

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