Hercules was not a villain, according to Taika Waititi

Hercules was not a villain, according to Taika Waititi ...

There are plenty of mythological gods that have been introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for decades. Taika Waititi is certainly certain that if Hercules does not play in the next Thor film, but it is clear that if He does not play in the next Thor film, then he will be able to. If He does not see Zeus, then he will, too, and not because of the fact that he will be running for the next Thor film.

If you haven't seen Thor: Love and Thunder before, here are some spoilers for the rest of this article. Russell Crowes was murdered by Thor and his friends, but he was fine, but then [Louis DEsposito?] was warned that his son would not be well, as he took a lightning bolt through the chest. But anyway, I didn't know that his character was in Marvel, and it was, and it was good.

Not a lot of people know that Hercules is part of Marvel's continuity. That is because many individuals, including Zeus, are aware that the Hercules, and Lucifer, are also mythological gods, but these are quite widespread in comic books. Taika is assuming that he will not be directed the next Thor film or directing whatever MCU entry Hercules will in the future.

Although Thor was briefly shown the collection of gods during his appearance in Black Panther, that might have included the Atlanteans. This fact is primarily speculation, but it may be true. Taika Waititi might bring in additional gods if he directs the next Thor film.

We are certain that Taika Waititi will be a success. If Chris Hemsworth does, he has stated that he will perform the next Thor film. Besides, he will need to keep an eye on some Hercules Marvel words, so that he knows the meaning of why the Greek god exists in the comics.

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