James Gunn Has A Surprising Reaction To Harley Quinn's Cast

James Gunn Has A Surprising Reaction To Harley Quinn's Cast ...

The director of the Marvel Studios has given up a lot of support, but it is clear that he will get rid of all of the characters in Joker 2. As a result, James Gunn has reassured everyone that his show is safe, and that he will do so again in the coming years. In fact, the upcoming Todd Phillips sequel is a matter of thumb, and there is a lot of hope for fans of the DC films. The director has also announced that he will not release the comic book until

James Gunn has only directed one DC film and one series so far. The Suicide Squad was fantastic, and the spinoff series Peacemaker was more of the same. Mostly everyone agrees that any comic-based story the man gets his hands on will likely be good. Gunn hasnt failed so far. According to Gunn, im always directing for nice people to do well.

In Joker 2, one of the upper echelon directors was impressed enough to show off that she is not just nice. In fact, everybody is squagging for Gaga to do well, as Joaquin Phoenix was a major success. In fact, the sequel is a bit away, but we can all eagerly wait to see what happens next.

Fans of Batgirl were surprised by the closure of a $90 million movie that was nearly finished. Gunn's supporters were thrilled by the announcement. This is a testament to the fact that Batman 2, Joker 2, Black Adam, and Shazam are all in the cast. Fury of the Gods.

Idris Elba recently admitted that he was working on a great project for DC. Could this be because James Gunn will provide Bloodsport the same treatment as Peacemaker? We certainly hope this is the case, given that both of the actors were the best part of the Gunns The Suicide Squad film.

For the time being, we can all breathe a sense of hope as we know James Gunn is working on Peacemaker Season 2. And, as well, he has just finished wrapping Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which he will have two major Marvel films out in the future, and a DC series that he will have in the future. But as Gunn, we can only wait for Joker 2. Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga are set to star alongside one another in the sequel to one of the greatest comic book

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