As James Bond rule out, Idris Elba has just become a rule

As James Bond rule out, Idris Elba has just become a rule ...

Idris Elba is expected to be in the running for the role of James Bond until the end of the year, according to reports from insiders. Unlike the most recent Bond actor, Daniel Craig was 38 years old and was heavily influenced by previous agreements. It also suggests that many of the long-standing Bond supporters will be in the running soon enough.

Fans of British actor Idris Elba and fictional spy James Bond are in for bad news. However, insiders at Eon Productions (the company that has produced Bond films since 1961) have revealed that the search for the next actor to play the most famous cinematic spy has some very specific requirements. For one, the actor must be under 40 years old. This means he is out of the running unless he changes these requirements.

Idris Elba is reportedly 62 tall, which means he will compete for that particular James Bond requirement. While the height of actors is always a little difficult to judge (what with camera trickery, apple boxes, and actors perhaps not being happy with their diminished size being publicly advertised), it appears to disqualify Taron Egerton, Kit Harington, and John Boyega. There is actually a cottage sector in the world of gambling, with constant odds on actors like Henry Cavill and Tom Hiddleston.

Idris Elba is currently 42 years old, which means he has officially denied portraying James Bond according to these reports. It also disqualifies Tom Hardy and Henry Cavill, implying that many of the long-standing potential Bonds are also out of the running.

It was not all that long ago that Barbara Broccoli, one of the Eon Productions' longtime stars, said Idris Elba was in the conversation about the next James Bond. It appears that things have changed, in part because Eon Productions is looking for an actor who will play in at least three films as 007. The most recent Bond actor, Daniel Craig, was 38 when he first appeared in Casino Royale, and 53 years old in No Time to Die. It's possible that Eon Production

With all the expectations and career baggage that it brings, James Bond's casting is always a tricky and controversial process, with fans having beefs as varied as Daniel Craig's blonde hair to Roger Moore's weight. In many ways, Idris Elba might be lucky to no longer be in the running to play him. It may frustrate the contingent of fans who have supported him for years, but there will certainly be a new James Bond next soon enough.

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