School Tales is available on Netflix, and a Thai Horror series that tells bloody tales in different schools

School Tales is available on Netflix, and a Thai Horror series that tells bloody tales in different  ...

School Tales The Series is an anthology horror series based on a popular comic; different directors examine the horrifying events of blood and terror at various schools in Thailand. Think kids in uniforms, people hanging at dumpsters, and at least one kid who is being ostracized for being the slightest bit odd.


A teenager standing in a school courtyard is a bit different. Someone once said that life is like a clock, and gives a voice over. They always return to the same location, repeating the same moves over and over.

The Gist:The first episode, 7 AM, examines a class whose students believe it was cursed. The legend states that when a book for a particular class starts at 8 AM, the ghosts that haunt the classroom will kill that person. This is why a student named Wittaya (Ratchanon Aungsiriswat) is still on the class list, but no one knows who he is the next day.

Q (Kay Lertsittichai) was tasked with posing a picture of the board on his class text chain at 7 so they may understand what to expect. Especially obnoxious pupils are Vaan (Chanwut Kwanmongkolcharden) and Not (Nutchapan Paramacharoenroj). Tan (Panisara Rikulsurakan)

Q is also harmed by the ghost (Pemika Ratsameechawalit), but for some reason, she does not kill him. The greater pressure he feels from his peers, the less he is willing to assist them. It comes to a head when a student named Auan (Wichai Saefant) accuses the others of stealing his math book.

What Shows Will It Awaken You Of? ThinkAmerican Horror Stories, but with stories that take place in various schools.

Even if filmmakers have limited time to tell those stories, we can expect pretty scary stories. But where they generally suffer is with a lack of detail. Thats what we saw withSchool Tales The Series,and that lack of detail was enough to stifle the stories for us.

The 7 AM episode isn't really a lot. We know that Q is the son of a corrupt politician, but we weren't sure why he was formally named the person who would read the board at 7 AM and send it to the rest of the class. We also have no idea why Tan is the only one who defends him. Does she like him?

If the story is going to be lacking in details, there should be good scares. At best, scares in the first episode are mild, hampered by a limited budget. Wed like to say that the episode gave insight into the human condition, but that is not something we can trust, since whatever message director James Thanadol was trying to convey was lost when the details were removed.

Keine Relationship Between Sex and Skin

Parting Shot: A news report about assassinations in a classroom is uncovered, revealing what might have happened.

None of the Sleeper Stars

Most Pilot-y Line: Are you screwing him? Not asks Tan about Q. It's interesting that the word fuck is used elsewhere in the episode, but not with regard to actual sex.

SKIP IT.School Tales Series requires some better stories to justify the absence of scares, or better scares to justify the lack of story.

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