On Prime Video, Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum amiably Tramp It: The Lost City

On Prime Video, Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum amiably Tramp It: The Lost City ...

The Lost City is now available on Prime Video and Paramount+, a winkity-winking throwback thriller starring two wisecrackers. Romancing the Stone, which was built before in countless 1940s pictures, with intrepid men wearing safari hats sticking around to make them look bigger. Which is why this film, which includes Golden Globe, and Starpower (Daniel Radcliffe and Brad Pitt co-star), is absolutely something snooty critics would applaud as


Loretta Sage (Bullock) has it. Perhaps it's just ennui and anxiety, but she's also addicted to sexy-adventure romance novels, and she's also misses her dead husband, secretly she's really an intellectual who listens to her because right next to her is Alan (Tatum, who is so adept) he makes Fabio look like Tatum in Magic Mike.

A bad scene. She soon outs out and into the waiting car of not her driver, but Abigail Fairfax (Radcliffe), a squillionaire who knows that The Lost City of D is based on a real ancient lost city, and seeks her to save it. Alan finds out that he has taken it upon himself to discover the treasure before the local volcano erupts, and turns them all into a lunch for hungry lava. Apparently, Alan does the following he calls

Youll notice that Loretta seems to have climbed on a light table cracker while she chewed it out! Is it inevitable that Pitt is putting an extended comeo here, and that Loretta and Alan will face off with jungle fauna, throwing off a cliff, crashing away from schoolfires, crying in disgusting green-screen remarks, putting a lid on their faces, and implying that they are in a trapping position. Is it just me, or is it inevitable that Pitt

Was it surprised that Romancing the Stone didnt make a difference? It's not a classic cornball wow-neat film Uncharted, but a pulp-novelist protagonist who might create an airport-novel workshop group with Alyssa Milano in Brazen and Kristen Davis in Deadly Illusions.

Bullock is a talented physical comedian and ever-wry deliverer of one-liners on performance that is worth watching. She can make stuff like The Lost City more fun with minimal effort and it is preferable to her last couple of overcooked hyperventilations, Bird Box, and The Unforgivable.

Memorable Dialogue: Bullock shoots a slow volley at Pitt to smash:

Loretta: Why are you so handsome?

My father was a weatherman, according to Jack Trainer.

Sex and Skin: Tatum's body doubles as a few good, long, lingering steps. (One can also assume with fair certainty that Tatum has completely given up on body hair.)

Our Take: Im happy to report that someone wrote jokes for this movie. Actual jokes! Not always funny ones, but you must appreciate the effort that went into making The Lost City a perfectly watchable ham-slice escapism to succeed. If this sounds like faint praise for a film, then it should be a crowdpleaser and achieve that modest goal.

As Pitt exits early, Aaron Nee maintains a lickety-split pace for about an act-and-a-half before it loses some momentum and settles into its burgeoning tale of extreme primogeniture, Tatum delivering dumb-guy malapropisms. This is the type of movie that, in a different era, would advertise itself as ACTION! COMEDY! and ROMANCE! in splashy animated blurbs, but would not

STREAM IT. Genial timewaster!

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