After better calling Saul, Vince Gilligan has no intentions to continue breaking the bad Universe

After better calling Saul, Vince Gilligan has no intentions to continue breaking the bad Universe ...

This Monday, August 15, will be the final ever episode of Better Call Saul, and this fandom has never been more concerned. Days before, Better Call Sauls showrunners Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, as well as Odenkirk and Seehorn, made an appearance on the television critics Associations summer tour. During their panel, they confirmed what they have been afraid of: Better Call Saul might be the official end of the Breaking Bad universe.

Gilligan said that although we might have put all your money into Red 21, we might have done a spinoff to Breaking Bad. I could not be more happy with the results. And then I did El Camino, and I was very proud of that. But now im beginning to realize you need to be a guy with the lampshade on your head. I just feel like I got the chance to become the man who loves it. I've got a lot of knowledge about who I am going to do this. I

Despite wanting to quit from Breaking Bad, Gilligan explained that he still wants to continue to work with the team hes created. I want to keep the band together no matter what, but with a different perspective.

Peter Gould, co-showrunner of Better Call Saul, agreed. There are a few things I want to try, according to Gould. Having said that, I love Bob, I love Rhea, I love Vince, and I love to band together. So well keep as much of the band together as we can. And also never say never. Who knows how would the experience unfold in a couple of years?

The finale of Better Call Sauls will certainly be the last time we see these characters, but it appears to me that this universe will be ending on a big note. When asked about the tone of the last episode, both Gillian and Gould assured TCA members that this finale will be exceptional.

I had very little to do with it. Peter created and directed it and he is a very friendly guy, so he will not talk about how friggin great it is. Gilligan's reaction is great. I cant wait for people to see it before it concludes. I am just a little bit concerned about how the world ends, and things like that. I can't wait to see how people react to this. Peter is absolutely amazing.

It was a pleasure to be able to collaborate with all of these people and to develop with the best cast and crew on television. It's the perfect situation for any filmmaker, according to Gould.

I am not stressed out, and I haven't been since I read it, according to the series director. Because you and the viewers have found a way to deliver on the programming's core. I think the other reason I am not stressed out is that over the course of six years, I feel like the audience has been amazing. It's a foundation of, really, television. So I was always concerned about that show as we discovered our feet. But I didn't think it happened.

The last episode of Better Call Saul has premiered on AMC and AMC+ on Monday, August 15.

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