I'm Groot on Disney+, where the Feisty Little Guardian Breaks into Big Trouble: Stream It or Skip It

I'm Groot on Disney+, where the Feisty Little Guardian Breaks into Big Trouble: Stream It or Skip It ...

I Am Groot is a new Disney+ series of shorts that allows the littlest Guardian of the Galaxy to assemble their roots in a movie of his own. Vin Diesel returns to focus on as many variations of I am Groot as possible, and there may even be another cameo or two on display (this is a Marvel show, after all). What the heck is, can a kid with the very finest vocabulary in the Marvel Universe sustain a combined half hour of antics? In a one-joke show


The first short of Groot's First Steps has a bombastic Marvel Studios fanfare, and the quick-forward kicks in as Groot pops up from offscreen and bumps into the camera. This sets the tone for the series: take what you know and ignore it because Groot is going to Groot. The opening shot of the first short, Groot's First Steps, shows the lil guy awakening in his pot at the end of the first Guardians film.

I Am Groot, a series of five three-minute shorts that allow the cutest Guardian to cut loose and embark on solo adventures. He discovers new lifeforms on an alien planet, investigates an intruder onboard the ship, does some crafting, and treats himself to a spa day. It's not that much damage, but because what Baby Groot does in his height is more than just his attitude.

What Shows Will It Remind You Of? I Am Groot channels some old school Looney Tunes mayhem in the best way possible. This is why writer, producer, and EP Kirsten Lepore (Adventure Time) essentially takes the stage back to animation and uses many solid storytelling techniques. Id say they do not make them like this anymore, but they do.

Our Take: It's easy for diehard MCU fans to dismiss a series like I Am Groot as unnecessary fluff for children. Where are the big reveal, the major villains, the A-list actors, etc. It's true that I Am Groot hasn't exactly received the same amount of anticipatory fanfare as Ms. Marvel or She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, and that is a shame, because I Am Groot is a real delightfrom start to finish.

I Am Groot proves that there is no such thing as too much of a good thing when it comes to mischievous tree critters. Groot is a smart person, who is constantly looking for hidden gems, especially when he is too stubborn or curious to avoid them. The results are always terrible (maybe the Guardians ship needs some, uh, hull repair after this series is done).

The only negative about this series is that the entries have been confusingly scattered throughout Disney+'s entire platform instead of being organized under one title. And unless you have committed the titles of all five to memory, it's difficult to keep track of which ones. Make sure to update this post!

Sex and Skin: Is bark count? No, he's a baby! Leave him alone, strangeo!

Parting Shot: The final shot of the final short, titled Magnum Opus, is of the aforementioned hull breach.

The Little Guy, a pint-sized, laser-toting, jetpack-riding glob warriors, will get their own spinoff.

I am Groot. The Most Pilot-Y Line

STREAM IT, shorts featuring a tiny hero result in humongous laughs.

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