Episode Guide for Bluey Season 3: Where To Find It

Episode Guide for Bluey Season 3: Where To Find It ...

When it comes to bluey, a six-year-old puppy has been living with her parents and siblings for years. It's simple, but you might wonder why are people doing it, you may ask. So, anyone who is a parent or even a babysitter will be pleased to see that BlueySeason 3 is now officially streaming in the United States! Here's all you need to know about the premiere of the new season!

When Will New Season 3 Episodes of Bluey Premiere?

Today, well, for the most part. Season 3 will be spooked in two parts. The first 25 episodes that are seven minutes each are available to stream right now! The other half will premiere at a later date, which is still being determined.

How many Episodes Are in Season 3 of Bluey?

Last time, we had 57 episodes. This time around, Bluey Season 3 will only have 37 episodes. It's still a staggering number, and with most of the episodes running seven minutes long, you can enjoy flying right through them.

Will Season 3 of Bluey be released on Netflix?

A lot of Netflix subscribers are interested in knowing if Bluey will be available alongside their other hit shows such as Cocomelon. However, the Australian cartoon will not be available on the platform.

How To Watch Bluey Season 3

Bluey has officially purchased its house, and its streaming service is available on Disney+!

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