5 Theories on How the Show Will End (Better Call Saul)

5 Theories on How the Show Will End (Better Call Saul) ...

Fans of Better Call Saul have never felt the same joy. There is no indication how this prequel will come to an end. Will Jimmy and Kim make it out of this whole ordeal okay? Will their pasts come back to haunt them? Perhaps more, too?

We do not have any knowledge on what will happen next. However, we do have some outrageous fan theories. Here are Deciders' favorite theories about Better Call Saul's final outcome.

Jimmy will be apprehended.

This appears to be the most likely option. As stated by Deciders Alex Zalben, Walt died. Jesse escaped. Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) will serve prison time.

There are two ways this might work out: Jimmy might attempt to escape, and be detained by police. But we know that he is too smart for that. When Kim (Rhea Seehorn) approached Jimmy, he might have snatched the Life Alert from her or tried to harass her, but he made her quiet. Instead, he let her call the police before fleeing. Clearly, he will actually repent?

Jimmy will be freed, but he must endure for the rest of his life in fear.

This is in line with the tense, sober tone that Better Call Saul has altered. Marion and Ask Jeeves discovered Jimmy's identity as Saul Goodman. It's entirely probable that Jimmy will utilize the vacuum cleaner guy only this time around, instead of causing this sad clown to live his entire life alone.

As this fate would be for gregarious Jimmy McGill, weve seen it before. El Camino: A Breaking Bad movie sank with Jesse (Aaron Paul) evading authorities, abandoning everyone he ever knew and loved, and fleeing to Alaska. It also proves to be too good to be true in Jimmys case. Jesse was never a pawn of the Heisenberg era but a mastermind.

Jimmy will die.

In this chapter, we know that Marion has discovered that Gene is actually wanted attorney Saul Goodman. Waterworks ended with Jimmy leaving Marion's house as she used life alert to call the cops on him. It's absolutely possible that Jimmy will not survive this second attempt to escape his past crimes.

Kim will take the plunge for Jimmy.

Deciders Nicole Gallucci recommends depressing possible endings. No one looks out for each other like Jimmy and Kim. He manipulated Mesa papers to get her a job. She married him so that she could help without a legal threat. Kim would do so by volunteering herself as a tribute.

Kim has already taken steps to take in this direction, according to Waterworks. Kim admitted to Howard Hamlins widow Cheryl (Sandrine Holt) all of her terrible things she did to her former boss. Kim even admitted that Howard (Patrick Fabian) was murdered by a member of the cartel. It doesn't appear like Kim will stop her. Apologise in advance to Kim's new and very boring boyfriend for the loss of this smokeshow.

Jimmy and Kim will have their most cherished day.

If Jimmy fails to escape and Cheryl doesn't pursue legal action, then our dreams may come true. Yes, they were toxic for each other, and yes, they brought out the absolute worst in one another. However, no one knows Jimmy like Kim and visa versa. If they could find a replacement for their crime hobby, they might live a wonderful life.

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