How to Follow the Season 2 Cast on Instagram with Indian Matchmaking on Netflix

How to Follow the Season 2 Cast on Instagram with Indian Matchmaking on Netflix ...

With Season 2, Indian Matchmaking is back on Netflix (and there are a number of dating shows on Netflix) and it demonstrates how matchmaking traditions flourish in a modern manner. Why can you trust an app to match you up with a partner when you can trust Sima to assist you out?

Indian Matchmaking is a much more informal experience, with their increasingly complex rules and high stakes decisions. It's a way of pursuing love at their own pace. It's also a documentary than a dating program, and that's why it makes it such a highly addictive and fun watch.

Season 2 of Indian Matchmaking offers us a slew of new favorites (and even brings back some from the previous time around). So, if you want to keep the matchmaking magic going even after you switched off Netflix, you can follow the cast on Instagram. That is, also, a nice way to see if the cast has made any progress in their love lives. So what should you expect? Here's everything you need to know about the cast of Season 2.

Sima Taparia

Sima Taparia, a matchmaker, or Sima Aunty, as she is affectionately called by her clients. Simas is hard at work trying to fix up a new batch of singles, and she has several delays from Season 1, according to one thing. Sima never has a dull day.

Season 2 of Returning

Three cast members from Season 1 come back for an extended, multi-episode look at where they are now. The trio Aparna Shewakramani, Pradhyuman Maloo, and Nadia Jagessar are all at very different stages in their love lives. They are also just at different locations in their lives since they first saw them when Season 1 premiered in 2020. You can follow them on Instagram.

  • Follow Aparna on Instagram at @aparnashewakramani
  • Follow Pradhyuman on Instagram at @pradhyum.m
  • Follow Nadia on Instagram at @nadiajagessar


First Appearance: Episode 1

Akshay Dhumal, the self-proclaimed most eligible bachelor in the world, is working in a family business that manufactures machinery for chicken farms. He's also looking for a woman with a good education, a strong work ethic, and as a result she loves chickens.

  • Follow Akshay on Instagram at @akshay_910


Episode 2 of the First Appearance

Viral Joshi is a fiercely independent, career-driven woman who is proud that she is not a damsel in distress like a lot of her married friends. She is looking for a guy who is debt-free, does not drink, party, self-made, and who loves science. She has a long list of people.

  • Follow Viral on Instagram at @viraljoshi_


Episode 4 of the First Appearance

Arshneel Kochar, a cardiologist living in Cleveland, Ohio, believes that his location is limiting his dating possibilities. Hes always prioritized having a career rather than relationships, and he is now striving to change that by discovering the right woman. If she wants kids and a dog, that's an advantage.

  • Follow Arshneel on Instagram at @arshneelkochar

Shital is a narrator.

Episode 5 of the First Appearance

Shital Patel has sought Simas assistance because she feels she was too picky in the past and that her attitude may have cost her true love. At 38, she is concerned that she is running out of time to start a family. She hopes to have a relationship with a guy who loves doing things.

  • Follow Shital on Instagram at @therealshitalpatel


Episode 7 of the First Appearance

Vinesh Vasnani, a 34-year-old investment banker, loves taking on food and finding a partner. On the other hand, he wants someone who is easygoing but ambitious and she must love Baags.

  • Follow Vinesh on Instagram at @vineshfresh

Priya is a slugher.

Episode 8 of The First Appearance

The last few minutes of Season 2 introduces a new single named Priya Ashra. She's based in London and is looking for a guy who, like you can't stress this enough, does not possess a single dragon shirt.

  • Follow Priya on Instagram at @priya.ashra

Is there still any connection between two couples?

Forget Instagram is responsible for this is what you're really interested in! SPOILERS ahead of Season 2 of Indian Matchmaking.

First things first: until the season has ended, there will be no real update from the cast. That's because Netflix reality shows can't post appropriate updates on their Instagrams, as long as their life is spoilers for a Netflix show. So follow all of the above Instagrams, wait a sec, and see what updates come through.

When Season 2 comes to an end, we do know where we leave the cast. Akshay learned from a face reader that his path to marriage was hampered by a lot of bad energy hed gained in his hometown. In order to get past this, Akshay saw a priest who performed a ceremony to assist Akshay.

Aashay Shah, an optometrist, ended up having a successful campaign, which she liked most a lot. It's unclear if they're still together, but they do follow each other on Instagram.

Arshneel had a couple of successful dates with Rinkle Goyal, which included a trip to an ice skating rink, which gave Arshneel a reason to hold her hand. Both of their Instagram accounts are private.

Shital met someone without the help of Sima, a doctor who was named Niraj Mehta. They both sounded very serious about their relationship and future together, and we know that they are at least still in each other's lives.

Vinesh went on two occasions, neither of which ended in a match, and Priya even got a scene with Sima. Fingers crossed they both find love in their own time and on their own terms.

Aparna stayed with Daman and Nadia for a guy named Vishal on a few occasions, but neither ended up falling in love. Pradhyuman, on the other hand, married Ashima in a large ceremony, and they even became the married couple before the season finale.

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