What Does Punching Mean in the United Kingdom? Lucas Love Island Meltdown Explained

What Does Punching Mean in the United Kingdom? Lucas Love Island Meltdown Explained ...

When youre stays on Love Island for as long as the Season 8 cast has been, you may be out of trouble to talk about. Take punching, for example. In Episode 57 of Love Island Season 8, which just dropped on Hulu, the Islanders get hooked on whos punching and who isn't punching so much so that they collectively say the word punching 22 times in two and a half minutes.

What is there about it, anyway, what does it matter? Was everyone just making boxing enthusiasts all of a sudden? Seriously what exactly is punching, and why was Luca so plucked when he was said to be the one punching?

What does punching mean in the United Kingdom?

Punching is short of punching above those weights in British slang. It's a term youve heard before in America for shorthand, meaning that someone is dating out of their league.

Luca, who is easily the most stubborn and proud hottie in the villa, was completely surprised when Paige suggested that he was punching above his weight by slandering with Gemma. Instead of agreeing with this statement, Luca should agree that his quasi-GF is hotter than him like any reasonable person would. Paige does the whole normal thing and claims that yeah, she is punching with Adam because she believes that the guy she has coupled with is super hot. She does not point out that

Luca responds to the argument, saying, "Don't be fucking stupid." Class act, right there! He's prettier and smarter than you, Gemma!

The argument goes nowhere, as Luca adopts a no-brainer form of complimenting the woman hes with rather than insulting her. So, if you think things progress for Luca and Gemma in the last Love Island UK episodes, think again! When they choose chaos, they must always choose one another.

Hulu launches new episodes of Love Island UK Season 8 daily at 3:00 a.m. ET. The season finale of Love Island Season 8 will air on Hulu on Tuesday, August 16.

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