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Parents Quitting Jobs at Alarming Rate to Support their kids' Behavioral Health Parents who are unable to work for alarming rate will increase their children's IQ

Parents Quitting Jobs at Alarming Rate to Support their kids' Behavioral Health Parents who are unable to work for alarming rate will increase their children's IQ

Brightline announced today its results for its virtual behavioral health program. A spokesperson for the children and families said the results were a newswire. Pediatric Behavioral Health Needs Survey 2021, 2022. The Harris Poll conducted in their behalf by over 500 parents of children under 18, more than half of them of parents with children over 18. The first annual study shows an alarming picture of the state of pediatric behavioral health in the United States and highlights how these challenges can swell into both working families and employers.

"Long wait lists, high out-of-pocket expenses, hard-to-navigate systems, lack of measurement-based care and a pervasive social stigma have all conspired to block kids from receiving the To address today's children' mental health crisis, we need to provide families with solutions to all these obstacles to care.

The key findings of the study include:

  • Large numbers of children need behavioral health care. In the last five years, more than two-thirds of parents and caregivers (69%) report their children suffered from behavioral health problems in the past five.
  • Parents and caregivers are overwhelmed by their children's behavioral health concerns. Most parents and caregivers (59%) have experienced their own mental health challenges due to the stress of trying to manage their kids' behavioral health needs.
  • Parents and caregivers aren't getting the support they need for their kids and teens. Among parents and caregivers whose children had behavioral health challenges in the last five years, 92% sought support, but only 47% say they received all the help they needed. A worrying 12% didn't get any support at all, despite gaining it.
  • Parents and caregivers quit their jobs because of their kids' behavioral health needs. More than one in five parents and caregivers (21%) have voluntarily quit their jobs in the past year or are planning to quit in this year to better care for their children's behavioral health.

These findings raise important questions about what employers and health plans do to help working parents and caregivers.

The problem is not addressed by providing mental health support to employees, says Dr. David Grodberg, Brightline's chief psychiatrist. "Parents and caregivers need comprehensive behavioral health care for their children, too. Due to the changing work landscape and the growing crisis in children's mental health, employers and health plans can't afford to invest in pediatric mental illness anymore.

The full results of the study are available here: download Brightline's Brightlines. Pediatric Behavioral Health Needs Survey 2021. .

Methodological The Harris Poll conducted the 2021 Pediatric Behavioral Health Needs Survey online between July 27 and 29 and 20 21 among 596 parents of children under 18 and 403 have children who experienced behavioral health issues in the last 5 years. This online survey is not based on probability and therefore no estimation of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. Please contact me for complete survey methodology, including weighting variables and subgroup sample sizes. Please complete the survey questionnaire. [email protected] .

About Brightline, you can go by BrightLine. Brightline is the first comprehensive behavioral health solution built specifically for children, teens, and their families across many common challenges. Founded in 2019, Brightlines is a comprehensive, behavioral centered solution designed to help reduce stress and reduce mental health costs Brightline enables multidisciplinary care teams, family-focused approach, evidence-based care delivery and innovative technology to help families with whatever challenges they face and to thrive long-term. Brightline has its headquarters in Palo Alto, CA and expanding nationwide. Founded by leading digital health entrepreneurs Naomi Allen and Giovanni Colella, MD, and backed by major investors GV (formerly Google Ventures), Oak HC Learn more at

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