How did Michael Lang, the CEO of Woodstock 99, die?

How did Michael Lang, the CEO of Woodstock 99, die? ...

Michael Lang co-created the iconic Woodstock Music & Art Fair in 1969 as well as both revivals of the festival in 1994 and 1999. After he produced interviews for Netflix's new docuseries, Trainwreck: Woodstock 99,Lang died at the age of 77.

Michael Pagnotta, a family spokesperson, told in January 2022 that Lang had passed away at Sloan Kettering in New York City, adding that the cause of his death was a rare form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma and perVariety.

At the time, Lang worked with Artie Kornfeld, Joel Rosenman, and John P. Roberts, to create the history-making Woodstock 1969 festival, which he described as having its own kind of magic in the Netflix series. It drew in over 400,000 concertgoers over the course of three days, with artists from Jimi Hendrix to the Grateful Dead.

The filmmaker continued to conduct the festival in 1994 and, according toTrainwreck, in 1995, which is infamously referred to as a violent, catastrophic rendition of its predecessors, resulting in three fatalities and several sexual assault allegations. In the docuseries, Lang had remembered it as a lost opportunity, but added that Woodstock will never go away.

After the original festival in 2019, he planned for a Woodstock 50 to commemorate 50 years before. The performers from Jay Z to Halsey were then canceled, however the event was ultimately decided to end.

Woodstock 99is is currently streaming on Netflix.

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