TikTok Gets a VOLKET Bounce Stick From This K-Beauty Wrinkle

TikTok Gets a VOLKET Bounce Stick From This K-Beauty Wrinkle ...

TikTok is the best search engine there is. Many of our favorite beauty products, from the Clinique Black Honey purchase to the Rare Beautys blush, have been discovered on our #FYP. Meet the Kahi Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm, a small, portable balm stick, which has grown in popularity since it was used in Korean dramas, commercials, and celebrity recommendations. Recently, the Kahi balm stick has grown its following stateside.

First, Doja Cat was seen dancing around a church with a small group of people and partygoers in the music video. Doja Cat is seen depriving herself of a note.


We know what you think of there are a slew of skin-smoothing glow-giving balm products out there. What makes this product different? It is easy to get straight lines and minimize pores, but it is also possible to use an everyday primer before your makeup. Ingredient-wise, it is rich in skin-loving amino acids and has anti-inflammatory properties that help to heal and soothe dry skin over time.

It's also infused with skin-plumping collagen and natural fermented oils native to Jeju, such as carrot root extract and carrot seed oil, which contain antioxidant beta carotene. All of these ingredients ensure that youre using a product that will not only smooth your skin over time but also nourish your skin.

Lee said she loves how multi-purpose the product is. It may be used over makeup as a highlighter or throughout the day for added shine, or it may be used on your hair for flyaways. More importantly, she said she noticed small changes in her skin after just a few adjustments, particularly in the fine lines across her forehead and under her eyes.

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I've discovered that the addition of the Kahi balm helps me improve skin health after finishing the nighttime routine. I also tested the balm on my under-eyes, cheekbones, and forehead, where fine lines appear over time. Because that's an area where makeup forms in and tends to become less dry after the day. As a naturally oily skin who typically has to blot multiple times a day, the addition of the Kahi balm has reduced my skin's excess oil production,

Because of its skin-soothing properties, the Kahi balm stick moisturizes well. I have noticed a difference in my skin in such a short time. I like that the balm stick is ergonomic and easily folded into the tiniest of handbags to take on-the-go. Overall, I would recommend Kahi balm to anyone, even Doja Cat approves.

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