Meet Foreverist, a Skin Care Company that keeps tattoos looking fresh

Meet Foreverist, a Skin Care Company that keeps tattoos looking fresh ...

When it comes to tattoo care, there's a lot of advice out there. However, few treatments are truly designed with freshly inked skin in mind till now. Meet Foreverist, the new brand bridging the gap between skin care and tattoo care.

Boyle, the owner of Nice Tattoo Parlor in Williamsburg, has seen everything when it comes to tattoo care predicaments and services that promise to keep tattoos looking fresh but fail to achieve results. Despite the most common misconception, skin care isn't seen as part of it, according to him. (A close second is ointments, i.e. snake oil that claims to renew your ink. He says only they really do is temporarily make your skin look shiny).

Rather, I met many people who didn't feel welcomed into the culture, and who became confused about how to take care of their tattoos. I felt like if there were a skin care brand that these people could turn to, and that it might really help them.

The collection, which was launched in early August 2022, has three key ingredients: the Healing Cream, the Hydrating Cream, and the Brightening Day Protection Sunscreen. Boyle explains that each product includes the most important stages of tattoo aftercare. The immediate post-healing stage is when skin needs to maintain its nourishment. Finally, there is the post-healing stage when it is important to keep the skin in mind, in general, to ensure your tattoo thrives.

He advises that while minimizing friction against your new ink while it heals and using SPF every day, there are other benefits, including implementing proper skin care regimens during the healing and post-healing stages.

Tattoo maintenance is a skin care program, and the only way to keep your tattoo looking good long-term is to take care of your skin, according to a psychologist.

He hopes that users feel familiar with Foreverist and that they see a brand that will assist them in the development of tattoos whether they have zero or are tatted all over. They are welcome to be part of our group; we have saved them a seat at the tattoo table in the cafeteria, he says. Even a hundred people who wouldnt have had a tattoo because they found the after-care process overwhelming can use our line and feel confident because we have given them the information and equipment they need to prepare

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