TikTok Is In Its Elle Woods Era

TikTok Is In Its Elle Woods Era ...

People on TikTok began sharing their law school experiences with millions of people, whether they had passed or not, in a small, but safe area of the internet. In a way that can often feel isolated, they can often share their study habits with other people.

As of May 2022, when lawyers began to prepare for the nationwide July bar exam, this little corner evolved into a platform-wide takeover on TikTok, with the hashtag #BarExam, which has now received a staggering 137.2 million views. It has become an internet sensation, promoting and informing people about the unknown legal world of becoming a lawyer. Keep reading to learn more about the process before and after the bar's successful completion.

What Is The Bar Exam?

The Bar Exam is your ticket to becoming a licensed attorney and practicing law. In more than half of the states in the United States, only a few states administer state specific exams testing their own laws and procedures. Test takers are given thirteen areas of law that theire expected to know inside and out rules, exceptions to the rules, and how to apply them to a specific set of facts. Sounds like a test from hell, right?

If you fail the Bar Exam, you have to wait another six months to pass it as the exam is only offered twice a year once in July and once in February. However, it's difficult to imagine having to pass this type of thing more than once, according to Megan Andrews, the content creator and future attorney.

After finishing the exam, I expected great relief, but that relief has yet to come for myself and many others, because we will not know if we passed for 3 to 4 months, according to Callie Wilson, a 2022 law school graduate and content creator.

How Did TikTok Be Taken Over by Bar Exam Prep?

People have been sharing their personal experiences with the Bar Exam since summer 2021; from graduating law school, to studying everyday, and eventually receiving their results a few months later. In May 2022, legal practitioners began to study for the Bar Exam on July 26 and July 27. TikTok is giving users an inside look at how intense the Bar Exam journey is.

Thousands of people shared their condolences to Wilson during her countdown to the Bar Exam videos. One commenter said, "Go BESTIE CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO BE THE FUTURE LAWYER." It's clear that tens of thousands of people recognize the hard work that aspiring lawyers like Andrews and Wilson put into their education and support them through every step of the way.

While on June 7, Wilson posted her Bar Exam morning routine videos, showing followers how she handled the exam with ease. It was clear by scrolling on Wilsons feed that the Bar Exam had become her life since her law school graduation.

On May 9, Andrews posted her first Bar Exam video, which received over 680.4K views. During the video, she shared all of her prep days, including a quick workout, coffee, and lunch, and even establishing her desks and materials to begin a 12 to 14 hour study day. Hundreds of Bar Exam preparation videos demonstrate that every lawyer approaches this exam differently. Wilson decided to take two weeks off after law school to mentally prepare before beginning to study for the Bar Exam, while Andrews immediately leapt from her cap and

Both Andrews and Wilson began sharing their law school journey with TikTok as a way to express gratitude and understanding the things they are always learning. Both narratives may make you feel less alone than you previously thought, based on their own personal experiences. In law school, both attitudes can be beneficial to your self, as well as providing advice to others, expressing their gratitude. I hope that when you do not have to take part in classes, you may feel guilty about yourself.

Andrews shared her Bar Exam experience in order to be a resource to assist others who did not have the study resources she provided. It sounds silly, but the positive messages I received from strangers who offered me help, he said. So, as long as I say, I make videos to help others in real life.

Many people knew before the TikTok launch, but now TikTok is making that even more clear. In the past, there has been a certain mystery behind surviving law school and bar prep. As millions of lawyers wait for their Bar Exam results, commenters continue to send their favorite law school content creators good vibes.

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