Demi Lovato Has Retired Her Blunt Bangs For A Fully Relaxed Fringe

Demi Lovato Has Retired Her Blunt Bangs For A Fully Relaxed Fringe ...

Demi Lovato, a former Disney Channel star, has been known for developing her appearances over the last two years. She has now shown off a pink pixie cut, a short jet black mullet, a grown-out mullet, a buzzcut, and a symbolic spider tattoo on her head. Now, Lovato, who has recently announced that she would identify as she/her along with they/them pronouns once again revealed a fresh fresh haircut.

Lovato threw down the harsh bangs she's been rocking since late, with a relaxed, tousled fringe. Taking to Instagram posts, she described herself wearing a ruffled black top, a rosary around her neck, and a wonged liner. In a second picture, the singer was dressed in a black lace camisole with a dark pink lip and a dark kohl around her lids, adding to the rocker feel of the fringe.

Lovato paid tribute to her hair and makeup artists in the story; Cesar Deleon Ramirez styled the fringe with his trademark, The Wildform. An image of Lovatos finished look on his Instagram, including a cheeky bathroom selfie, in which they are dressed in a plaid blazer with a silver cross-adorned body jewellery.

The singer is preparing for her eighth studio album, Holy Fvck, which will be released on Aug. 19. The cover art for the record shows Lovato on a white cross-shaped pillow, revealing the continued symbol of the crosses and rosemary during her promotional campaign. Lovato recently released the albums lead single Skin Of the Teeth. Were there for it.

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