Watch Netflix's Edgy New Comedy FAKES Into The Trailer

Watch Netflix's Edgy New Comedy FAKES Into The Trailer ...

FAKES is a fresh and fun exploration of a high school friendship, according to Baranac, who previously appeared in Riverdale and To All The Boys Ive Loved Before. Hopefully, viewers will connect with Zoes and Rebeccas in some capacity, whether they see their experiences represented or being reminded of one one friend they haven't encountered in a while.

Tong, for her part, previews the series more depressingly: What audiences can expect and expect is for sh*t to get f*cked, claiming FAKES as integral to comedy and drama, heartfelt and heartbreaking, and just a whole lot of fun.

The DC actor's Legends of Tomorrow also claims that the show handling of Rebeccas Asian identity is something that sets it apart. It's not about Tong being Asian, as she asserts, and she is a fully-fleshed out character with extraordinary charms and terrible flaws.

Tong's role and crew, namely Baranac, were also shown through filming the series in her Canadian hometown. Both the directors use the words "dream" and "partner-in-crime" to describe their working relationships.

The conflicting accounts of FAKES characters in the show, however, is a place where the actors offscreen versions of events are perfectly aligned.

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