Fans of Islands Gemma and Luca have secretly split

Fans of Islands Gemma and Luca have secretly split ...

After a trip to the Love Island Hotel, the couple was reported to have had a break, sharing their dates with others. So, what do we know about the pair's relationship status after being a close friend?

At an interview on Good Morning Britain on Monday, August 8, both Gemma and Luca blocked any suggestions of disharmony. Both laughed it off, adding that they were not yet friends or girlfriends, while Luca said he had something to do in the near future.

Gemma and Luca have shared a smiling selfie during the reunion. One viewer commented: 'It was so good to see everyone again, alongside a white heart emoji.' One fan added: 'After the reunion, you know when Katniss and Peeta pretend they're still together, and love each other in[Hunger Games] Catching Fire? That's what I get from Gemma and Luca.

Bish was not mentioned in their Instagram post to celebrate the final day of Gemma. She has shown the country how mature, honest, and classy she is. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all the love and support Gemma is going to be SO overwhelmed. What with her mum Louises rather than cryptic Instagram remarks earlier in the series, it seems like Bish might have some more grafting to do to win over the family completely.

Despite the outside noise, Gemma and Luca continue to share gentle updates of their time together as they get to know each other away from the cameras. On August 9, Luca captioned the sweet Instagram story with: Morning view, followed by a heart.

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