After Indian dating, Shital lowered major concerns about her relationship with Niraj

After Indian dating, Shital lowered major concerns about her relationship with Niraj ...

Shital Patel, who played Sima in Season 2 of Indian Matchmaking, explained that he encountered an amazing Gujarati radiation oncologist named Niraj Mehta through her sister. Sharing that Niraj's passion was teaching his cancer patients how to dance. Even though she met him outside the Sima Aunty process, Shital was grateful to the matchmaker for helping her develop momentum and be more open and flexible.

The only catch is Niraj, who lives 1,200 miles away in Miami. Shital, however, said how Niraj felt like her family remained home. She indicated she wanted to start a family and have kids.

Im ear-to-ear smiling, she gushed in a confessional scene. I love him with my whole heart.... I will never find this kind of love again again, because for him, he also told producers that he was always in love with Shital, something he joked was cheesy and true as well.

Shital and Niraj have dropped several suggestions that they're still together after their wedding. Despite Shital's early February departure to Miami, her Instagram geotags have alternated since February. After one early February visit to Miami, she shared a reflection on the notion of home, which closely mirrored Niraj's comments. Weeks later, she was posting from Miami again.

Shital mocked in an Instagram caption on March 30; he has patience to wait for the appropriate opportunity, the appropriate person, the right time, and the real flex. More recently, however, ahead of the Netflix dating series Aug. 10 premiere, Shital posted a photo with Niraj in Miami on July 10. The group shots caption describes friends who are fam, but she and Niraj still look much like a couple.

While Nirajs Instagram concentrates on his dance therapy passion, one February dance video caption praised Shital for being such a boss, as well as for the lyrics playing in the background, Shadows by Cannons. Since then, Shital had commented on several of her Bollywood lovers' comments, including when they exchanged opinions versus actions in a June 13 video. Here for this solo, all heart... went right through that comfort zone, adding a red heart and wink emojis.

Although it is completely possible that they chose to be real close friends, all signs seem to indicate that Shital and Niraj will find their true Bollywood-style happy ending.

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