The 9th of August, 2022 Newsletter of Bustle

The 9th of August, 2022 Newsletter of Bustle ...

The Hottest Jewelry Trend from TikTok Will Last Forever

So many things on TikTok are a flash in the pan, everywhere today and nowhere tomorrow. (Remember sea shanties?) The news cycle is truly wreaking, which is why the permanent jewelry moment in RN felt particularly soothing. I personally love the idea of curating the perfect ear stack one time and never having to think about earrings again, or never again struggling for 20 minutes to get a bracelet clasped. It feels like Marie Kondo-ing the process of getting dressed. Read More about the

The Most Up-To-Date Album

Serena Williams, The GOAT of GOATs, Announces Her Tennis Retirement

Im going to be honest. I wrote Williams in an emotional essay for Vogue. I hate that I have to be at this crossroads. The tennis player also gets into the double standard for men and women in sports, and hoo boy, the whole thing is a dreadful. Plus, the accompanying pictures are gorge, and little Alexis Olympia makes an appearance. Read More

These 4 zodiac signs are the most likely to be affected by the Augusts Full Sturgeon Moon.

Yes, this ultra-dramatic supermoon is named after the fish, but not to worry Pisces you will not be experiencing the emotional roller coaster as much as these four signs. Read More

Must Reads

Kourtney Kardashian Supposes To Make Swimsuits With Gloves A Thing

I have so many objections to this: 1) Looks hot. 2) Tanlines??? 3) Who, outside the Kardashians, would wear this IRL? But the answer is apparently a lot of people because they are mostly sold out.Read More

According to Myra Magdalen, how to accessorize with household items

Marisa Abela takes control of the industry in the United States.

Abela, who plays Industrys Yasmin, is an anxious people pleaser who takes her feelings of inferiority at work into a dominant bedroom persona. I think that's what she's all about for me. Creating a repertoire of incredibly different parts. Considering she's already scheduled to appear in Rogue Agent and Greta Gerwigs Barbie, she's well on her way. Read More


Here's How to See Your Daily Horoscope

Acceptance of unnecessary drama is key. Read more.

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