Clea Explains How Her Dogs Support Her During Breast Cancer Treatment

Clea Explains How Her Dogs Support Her During Breast Cancer Treatment ...

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin partnered with CESAR Canine Cuisine to help further the brands commitment to making the world a dog-friendly place! It makes us happy. It helps us feel healthy and productive, thanks to a shared dog encounter. It's a joy! In an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife, she admitted that having her dogs Indie and Emmett has given her [her] so much care.

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Recall, the expert organizer revealed she was having a double mastectomy and was having treatment for breast cancer on April 7th. It's easy to say, but keep it simple, according to Clea in a lengthy post. I had a two-week pregnancy, and it was almost impossible to leave it alone. I had a mammogram, which resulted in an ultrasound, and an anemergency triple biopsy. I had a relapsed situation right now.

She presented a health update to HL, stating that she is doing well, and that her dogs have been my emotional support companions throughout. Its honestly made it easier to do things, like being at the office, being here, and having our dogs, because it just makes it so happy. And she was also glad that she was happy! 'You dont follow me from room to room!'

Both Joanna and Clea shared their tips for making your workspace canine-compatible, whether you are working from home or in the office! It's important to always have a pet friendly-zone where you can have all of your toys in one area, and even all of your pet items in one area in your pantry, according to Joanna. Create a pet friendly-zone where you can keep all of your toys hidden in the ground so that it may not be trapped on the ground or provide a cleanup caddy in case of

A trend is emerging.

Set yourself up for success, whether you are at your workplace or at work from home, you can't let your pets overrun the environment. So, with the help of Clea and Joanna, they launched the CESAR Hire My Dog program, which aims to educate pet owners about pet-friendly workplaces.

Visit to learn more about the CESAR brands' desire to create more pet-friendly workplaces.

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