In the first trailer for Docuseries, Armie Hammers alleged victims reveal shocking voice memories

In the first trailer for Docuseries, Armie Hammers alleged victims reveal shocking voice memories ...

The Armie Hammers family history will be examined in discovery+s upcoming three-part docuseries,House of Hammer. The docuseries follows various allegations of abuse and rape against the actor in 2021, which he has repeatedly denied. The first full-length film was released on August 10 and features two of Armies' alleged victims, Courtney Vucekovich andJulia Morrison, who spoke on camera. Both women shared various photos and videos with the actor.

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Courtney and Julia also shared alleged messages from Armie, which she denied. I haven't really digested this one, as she read an alleged text from the actor. I have a fantasy about having someone prove their love and devotion and tie them up in a public place, allowing them to use their bodies freely and seeing if they will harass strangers for me.'

A voice memo from Armie was also played. It was alleged that my bet was to involve completely binding you up and incapacitating you, then being able to do whatever I wanted to do with each hole in your body until I was done with you.

Both Courtney and Julia agreed that the first stages of their alleged friendship with Armie were pleasant, as he expressed his admiration and admiration. Then things proceed. He pushes your boundaries a little bit at a time. I will own you forever, and I choose when you eat and when you sleep.

In the midst of the recession, things are changing.

I mean, he said, I am a constant cannibal,' Courtney says. Im enraged. Julia claimed that cannibalism was all [Armie] wanted to talk about.

With the help of his Armies aunt, Armie, the doc will also look at the Hammer family history. When all of this was about Armie, she said she was not shocked. You just cannot wake up and become this dark, controller, abuser. This behavior is profoundly related.

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On discovery+, House of Hammer will be available for download on Friday, Sept. 2th.

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