Benjamin Hollingsworth of Virgin River Teases Season 5 of Brady Gets Hot & Dangerous

Benjamin Hollingsworth of Virgin River Teases Season 5 of Brady Gets Hot & Dangerous ...

Brady got put through the bad guys in season 4 of Virgin River. After getting stabbed in prison, he almost lost his life. Brady was eventually released. By the end of the season, Brady was finally cleared in the case of the Jacks shooting.

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Benjamin Hollingsworth said in an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife that being proved innocent is just the thing that he needs to do to keep his life on track. I believe this is a close enough conversation that he will have to learn to keep away from mundane activities and continue to patch things up with Jack. After all, he is dating his sister and maybe will reintegrate back into the town now that he is not part of this shooting.

Brady might not be completely out of the woods. Benjamin said that although he isn't in immediate danger that we don't know what's going on with Melissa, the new boss in town yet.

Brady and Brie remained in a great position for the remainder of season 4. Benjamin admitted that he feels like Bradys found the woman he'd wanted to be with. I dont think theres anyone else who is good enough for him. I dont think that anyone else is the truth. I think theres somebody who is yours, especially my wife. She is amazing. I think she's very capable of putting my weight behind it.

The world is changing rapidly.

Brie's return to the city was evident in one moment. It seemed like Brady didn't believe the relationship would last forever. Benjamin weighed in on what was going through Brady's head at the time.

Benjamin said that hes never felt like this to anyone before. I think hes a bit scared about that and what hes experiencing a broken heart. I think he is making a significant impact on himself by reminding himself that he is truly hitting the ball, and he is attempting to save himself from the pain of that being too painful. I think it may be too good to be true.

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Brie decided to file a police complaint against the ex-boyfriend who raped her at the end of season 4. Brady took steps to help her and tried to assist her.

It's just his knee-jerk reaction that I personally would have if something similar happened, and it shows personal development, compassion, and mental maturity. I think it also helps people who may be in the world out there, when they're going through something similar, and how painful it can be with Amber [Heard] and Johnny. I think it's a surprise that I've seen it all this time, although I'm not sure why I had it before.

The season 5 of Netflix has already renewed the hit series, and the cast is currently filming the upcoming season. Benjamin couldn't say much, but he might tease. Its gonna get hot. Its gonna become dangerous for him once more. It's also gonna get complicated with Brie, and that's all I can say about it.

Benjamin admitted that it would be nice if Brady and Jack talked about things. After all, they come back together as a long way. I think there's a chance to get past things, and now that it was a misunderstanding and it wasn't Brady who shot him, I think theres that possibility. No ones perfect, however, Benjamin said. All four episodes of Virgin River are available on Netflix.

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