Kevin Federline threw Britney Spears into the spotlight after bringing a kid drama

Kevin Federline threw Britney Spears into the spotlight after bringing a kid drama ...

According to a source, Britney Spears was not planning on public discussing where her relationship with her two children, Sean Federline, 16, and Jayden Federline, 15. However, a recent interview with her boys father,Kevin Federline, made her feel safe in her kids drama. This, according to the source, is absolutely necessary for her. For [Kevin], to do this interview, he has no respect for her.

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Britney has no clue why Kevin chose to disclose this information to the public. Britney is the happiest she's ever been and wishes her friends would be happy for her, including her boys, the insider continued. She has done everything she can to be the best mom to them. She feels like other people have helped them make up their mind about her and it's just not fair.

Kevins interview with ITV on August 6, revealing details about Britney and the boys. As well, the boys have decided to not see [Britney] right now. Its been several months since theyve seen her. They decided not to go to her wedding.

Kevin claimed that Britneys revealing Instagram posts are a part of the reason that they have allegedly chosen to dissect themselves. However, our source said Britney does not intend to stop posting her regular content. She spent the last 13 years of her life [in a conservatorship] and being directed what to do in every single move. It's the first time she has really been free.

The world is changing.

Kevin also shared his opinion on Britneys conservatorship during the session, claiming that her father, Jamie Spears, saved the singers' life by stepping in. The conservatorship was terminated after 13 years in November 2021. This is why she was approached by friends, especially considering Kevin's restraining order against Jamie in 2019. He doesn't know exactly why.

After the news of the Kevins interview which has yet to be published in full, Britney took to Instagram to say goodbye. It saddens me to hear my ex husband discussed my relationship with my children, she wrote. As we all know, raising teenage boys is never easy for anyone. It is based on my Instagram. It was long before Instagram.

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