Javier Tries To Kiss Maria But She Refuses In The Cosmic Love Premiere

Javier Tries To Kiss Maria But She Refuses In The Cosmic Love Premiere ...

Cosmic Love is expanding the scope of reality dating. On August 12, the Prime Video series will feature four individuals attempting to find their perfect spouse via astrological matchmaking. In this EXCLUSIVE preview, Javier is looking for Maria. Is it just a perfect match?

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Javier attempts to kiss Maria but denies him. I want to ensure that my first kiss isn't just me frantically trying the water, but I'm also living my fairy tale. This is not exactly the beginning Javier wanted to take on Maria.

Maria adds, although Javier is genuinely positive, he is listening to me, but unfortunately, I dont know what it is yet, but I don't know what it's, but I feel that spark. While Maria isn't feeling the spark, Javier still has hope.

Maria is fully respected so im not hurt about it, but I know that in the future, Javier says. It's a little early to say for Javier and Maria, but they appear to be no longer on the same page when it comes to their feelings.

The world is booming right now.

Maria is the star of a comedy show called Capricorn and the Earth Element. Raised by talented women in New York City, she is a professional makeup artist, who runs several successful businesses, including her own company, M Beauty Party. Fiercely loyal to family and her Dominican and Puerto Rican roots, this handsome Sea Goat is not willing to settle. True to her take-charge style, Maria realizes that everything she has done to perfection.

Javier is a fellow Capricorn. He is a33-year-old film producer thriving in Atlanta. He loves performing commercials, music videos, and feature films. He has always been a Capricorn, so he has always been a player, capable, and committed. With the help of the stars, he will discover his true love.

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Each individual on Cosmic Love represents one of the four elements of Astrology Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Their romantic adventure takes place at a retreat run by a mystical guide, the Astro Chamber. They mingle, match, date, and eventually make the most of their lives will they marry their match, based solely on their astrology?

Ophira and Tali Edut, both with the ages of 19, will guide our singles throughout the season with the mysterious Astro Chamber, voiced by Cree Summer.

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