Sam Asghari is being as supportive as he can be as soon as Kevin leaves Britney

Sam Asghari is being as supportive as he can be as soon as Kevin leaves Britney ...

In a new interview, Kevin said his children Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15, have decided not to see her right now. It has been a few months since they met her, according to Kevin. In a letter from the Daily Mail, they said: "They made the decision not to go to her wedding."

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Britney was quick to fire back on Instagram, but behind the scenes it's her in a world of distress and a source tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that her husband of two months is intervening to help her recover.Britney is so sorry and in shock that Kevin would attack her like this after all she has done to support him over the years. This has really knocked the wind out of her, but luckily, she has the support of Sam because hes absolutely got her back in all

Sam, 28, who threw the knot with the Toxic singer in an awkward June 9 wedding, held back in his public response to Kevin's harsh remarks. He even told Britneys ex, 44, to keep her name out your mouth, in a long Instagram rant defending Britney. Hes doing everything he can to help her get through this terrible situation. As her husband hes incensed that Kevin will deliberately try to tear her down, and he promises not to let that happen. Right now

Sam is also energizingly accepting criticism from Britney's parents, which she believes is beneficial to her. Samhas always been an absolute force for Britney, and he will always be the most supportive husband he can be. He can give her vent and he is also encouraging her to feel out in the gym, so that's the way he handles life when the going gets tough.

It's time to start a new trend.

Despite Kevins claims that her sons have been avoiding her, a source close to Britney previously said that much of Kevin's interview is untrue, and that she has seen young people recently. In fact, Britney just purchased a $12 million house in the sameritzy Calabasas enclave, a move that was no accident. As previously stated, the loving mother specifically wanted a home where she could open the doors to her teenage boys.

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