Julie Ann Emery Hopes The Katrina Drama Is A Conversation Starter in Five Days At Memorials

Julie Ann Emery Hopes The Katrina Drama Is A Conversation Starter in Five Days At Memorials ...

Five Days At Memorial, an Apple TV+ series, chronicles the effects and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina at a local hospital. Over the course of five days, a New Orleans hospital was filled with heavy flooding, power interruptions, and shivering heat as exhausted caregivers struggled to keep their patients alive. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Julie Ann Emery about her desire to delete the series.

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Julie says that this episode is a conversation starter. Were seeing natural disasters with greater frequency and ferocity. Were going to continue to see these moments of collective crises like the global pandemic, and were not handling them much better than we did during Katrina. So Id really like to see a social conversation started, and it will take a demand from our leaders and customers to require these things to be handled differently.

Doctors, nurses, caregivers, and patients were left at every level of institution and government, from the local to the state, which I think was completely free because I think no one was responsible for what happened, therefore no one was in. And that's not okay. I hope we have a deeper conversation about how we can be together in these collective crises.

Despite the tricky subject matter, Julie said that Five Days At Memorial was a warm and welcoming environment of compassion and respect across the board, and that it's just easier to dive into deep work in a good work environment than in a toxic one.

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After Hurricane Katrina, everyone at Memorial Medical Center waited for help. But conditions in the hospital's walls continued to worsen. The actors became individuals who were striving to survive in the gloomy heat and severe dehydration.

Everyone really went all-in, Julie said. Nobody cared about how they looked. We really were dedicated to the character in the moment and to the reality of the moment and the human nature of the moment in ways that exceeded any amount of visible ego that might happen.

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Five Days At Memorial will air on Apple TV+ on August 12th. The first three episodes will air weekly every Friday.

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