Why Kim Kardashians Family Is So Resentful About Her Split With Pete Davidson: They Didn't Know

Why Kim Kardashians Family Is So Resentful About Her Split With Pete Davidson: They Didn't Know ...

Kim Kardashian, 41, and Pete Davidson, 28, have both ended their relationship after nine months, and HollywoodLife has given us an exclusive talk about how Kims family feels about this. Although Kim and Pete were really confused when they discovered Kim and Pete had broken up, they were not completely surprised, according to our KarJenner insider. At the end of the day, they realize that Kim really cared about Pete and wanted to make things work. But instead, they understand because she does have a lot on hand and can't always

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According to the source, Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian were both really enjoying Pete and they are always going to miss meeting him every time. Even if he and Kim only had a relationship for a few years, he got very close with the whole family, including Kim's kids in such a short time. They have nothing negative to say about Pete, and he's more than welcome anywhere.

Kims family, which includes her other sistersKourtney, Kylie, and Kendall, is really concerned about the breakup because they loved Pete. The insider explained that the Saturday Night Liveactor delivered a sense of normalcy to Kims world, and so his relatives welcomed him to the program. Season 2 of HulusThe Kardashians, which premieres in September, has also been brought on board.

Kim didn't care about being famous when she met him, and this was so exciting to see. She became aware that when she went to Australia, she realized that she would make things work, but something changed after she went to him, and no one understands why. It's not like he will be there forever. Everyone is really hoping that he gets back together when he's done with filming there.

The market is on the upswing.

Kim hosted a show ofSNL in October. During the relationship, Pete met with Kims four children who she met with with her ex Kanye West, who was no fan of the Kete romance. Kim and Pete have yet to publicly address their split, but fans are anxious to see it happen!

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