Rachel is left in outrage after Logan Dumps Her To Pursue Gabby in The Bachelorette

Rachel is left in outrage after Logan Dumps Her To Pursue Gabby in The Bachelorette ...

Logan Palmer decided to go on the next group date with Rachel, but she was not good enough. After being chosen to attend the next group date, Logan realized that he had to tell her that he still had feelings for Gabby Windey. I'm very fortunate to have discovered Rachel as this wonderful person for this whole journey, but I need to prove her that she can't go [on the date], and I must say that she will. I'm prayed that she will.

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Logan was relieved by his confession. I felt like somethings had pushed me back a bit. I felt like you and Gabby had a solid connection. At the end of the day, I was hoping for someone to give me a hug.

I continued, when I read that date card today, I felt that everyone on the card was aware that you'd be going to be someone they could meet at the end of the day, and I still felt regrets for Gabby. That being said, I can't go today.

When Logan said he'll stay away from going with her, Rachel became somewhat speechless. She accepted many quotes from me when she asked if she was going to spend time with you. I appreciate you taking this into account, but I wish it would have been sooner.

Ahead of the day, the trend is emerging.

Rachel went out in tears. I was confident that things might pick up with Logan because I believe he is a great guy. The whole time hes thinking, How do I tell Rachel I am not sure I can even be here? Everyone is removing me. It almost feels like I'm doing something wrong. I'm not sure why I was here, however.

Rachel had a personal grin fromJesse Palmer and was never in the right mood to go on the group date. She cancelled the date, dangling the five other men who needed to get more time with her that day. However, she did agree to attend the after-party that evening so she could see the guys.

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Logan arrived at Gabbys room to fill her in. That first night, Logan explained. I was optimistic you would give me a rose, but we have had some great moments, but I have come back to contemplating you and it is something that has been erroneous.

Logan was the only guy whom she and Rachel fought when they were talking on which men they wanted to pursue. When you came over you kissed both of us and it sounded like you and Rachel had a great conversation, so I completely backed away. It may not be as straightforward as ever for me to let go of my feelings. I just want to check in with Rachel.

Gabby and Logan joking a bit before she separated, but afterward, he became even more confident in his feelings for her. Gabby then went to talk to Rachel about how they should proceed. Rachel explained her frustrations about Logan, and Gabby was supportive. However, Rachel encouraged Gabby to follow her own heart and not worry about her when she decides if she wanted to pursue Logan.

Rachel gave Gabby the freedom to learn with Logan, but in a confessional, she admitted to her worries that Logan would guide Gabby along and hurt her in the future. At the end of the day, I will support [Gabby] no matter what, Rachel said. I also hope Gabby sends him home.

Gabby decided to give Logan a chance after having a group date with six of her men. Afterwards, she invited Logan to the after-party to take a look back at their feelings. The other men were completely caught off guard and not happy that another guy was included to the mix. Gabby ended up giving Logan a rose at the next rose ceremony.

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