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Cellcom Expands Network with HFR Networks' flexiHaul Solutions

Cellcom Expands Network with HFR Networks' flexiHaul Solutions

Today announced the deployment of Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and Smart Tunable Optics - a technology company that delivers cellular services to its customers across Wisconsin and Michigan. Cellcom uses the flexiHaul solutions of HFR Networks to expand capacity while reducing the total cost of ownership by saving on fiber, space and power.

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HFR Networks M6424 TSN Switch simultaneously supports 4G LTE, 5G and Ethernet services. Time sensitive networking optimizes fiber capacity, enables high performance while reducing space and minimizing costs. The Smart Tunable Optics of HFR Networks also offer significant space and power savings at remote sites and simplify the operations across vendors and solutions. These flexiHaul solutions enable Cellcom to simplify and converge their network to achieve impressive cost savings by reducing deployment and operational costs and faster time to market for new services.

The company's CEO, Mark Naze, said with HFR Networks that we successfully addressed our network expansion demands, thereby providing the best user experience for our customers, and thus allowing us to manage costs and re-ent The deployment that would normally require many fibers can be simplified by a single fiber with HFR Networks. The ease and rapid deployment were also welcome surprises.

"In this highly competitive marketplace, operators are constantly pressured to quickly add capacity while managing network costs," said Paul Crann, CEO, HFR Networks. "We're excited to work with independent leaders like Cellcom as they continue to deploy new LTE offerings, preparing for 5G services."

About HFR Networks: HFR Networks, Inc. is leading the industry with our flexiHaul portfolio of intelligent xHaraul RAN Transport and Edge Access solutions. We solve today's most critical RAN transport demands, especially when fiber is not limited to front or backhaul applications. Our solutions have optimized the network's economic impact, while delivering high performance, simplified operations, interoperability across wireless technologies, and a diverse ecosystem of 3rd party RAN suppliers. The technological leadership of HFR Networks helps customers to reduce costs for 3G/4G operations, while accelerating new 5G and Ethernet services. We enable advanced mobile networks by using nanosecond timing to connect radios using CPRI and eCPRI, both in traditional and cloud-based mobile architectures. For more information, visit

About Nsight and Cellcom: about Yenshe and the Xynx. Nsight is the parent company of Cellcom, NSight Telservices, Sight Tower and Glas. The company's family provides service for residential and business customers with wireless and broadband services, along with tower maintenance and maintenance services in the Upper Peninsula of Wisconsin and Michigan.

Cellcom is a leading wireless company that delivers nationwide service to its customers in Wisconsin and Michigan with over 45 retail and agent locations. Cellcom is respected for its long-standing reputation of delivering exceptional customer service, being a strong community partner and for the renowned network tailored to its rural markets. reflects the longstanding commitment of the

For more information, contact: HFR NetworksKelly Friedland, Director of Marketing+1 781-640-4864[email protected].

Cellcom/NsightTammy VanDenBusch, Media Relations Specialist(920) 617-7107.

Cindy Durand, director of public affairs(920) 617-7069, Cindy, 920-617-677-9869.


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