Pennyworth Gets a New Title for the Third Season

Pennyworth Gets a New Title for the Third Season ...

Pennyworth has had a great day. It started on Epix for its first two seasons and is now going on to HBO Max for its third season. But this is really true of the show. It's not about Batman's origins.

Jack Bannon as the young Alfred who is battling to protect England, and Ben Aldridge as the youngsters and Emma Paetz play the young Thomas and Martha Wayne in the Batmansparents. This is a new trailer for the next third season (which again, is centered on the origins of Batmans butler).

Here's how to see the official synopsis of the shows.

PENNYWORTH: THE ORIGIN OF BATMANS BUTLER is directed by Alfred Pennyworth (Jack Bannon), a former British SAS soldier who founded a security company in 1960s London and is working with his wife Martha (Emma Paetz), before the civil war has come to an end, and a cultural revolution has transformed the world for the better or worse.

Pennyworth: The Origin of Batmans ButlerSeason 3 premieres on HBO Max in October. The previous two seasons are currently available to stream on HBO Max.

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