The Rocks DCs Future Is Set Up With a Black Adams Post-Credits Scene

The Rocks DCs Future Is Set Up With a Black Adams Post-Credits Scene ...

Dwayne Johnson's appearance as Black Adamwill appear to be enhanced with a recently-added post-credits scene that will connect the character to the largerDCuniverse. Unlike the MCU, it's very rare that a villain appears up with their own 10-year plan. While the DCEU claims to be following its last decade and a half, there are certain differences here and there.

The future of DC films will be very uncertain after the recent merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery. Rather than what they were doing beforehand, Warner Bros.'s plan is to create a massive shared universe, which includes a host of DC heroes, villains, and anti-heroes previously unknown.

Dwayne Johnson has long claimed that her appearance as Black Adam would completely alter the DCEU's structure. One of the most significant aspects of the film is the creation of the Justice Society of America. They're a team of Doctor Fate, Atom Smasher, Hawkman, and Cyclone. While we have so many new faces, it appears unlikely that many cameos from older DC movies are expected.

Henry Cavill has repeatedly denied rumors that Hell might appear inBlack Adam as Superman, but he might always be quite good at keeping secrets. Various people have also speculated that Wonder Woman might be a probable choice. At this point, there is nothing unusual for DC to add characters we haven't seen in a while. Ben Affleck has also revealed that he will direct the set of Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom for some additional filming.

There have been no additional details from the post-credits sequence just yet. This scene has only been seen at test screenings. If the film is going to introduce a new dimension to Johnsons in the DC area, then it might be quite important.

On October 21, 2022, Black Adamwill will debut at international cinemas across the country.

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