Warner Bros. DC intends to include a crisis on the infinite earths event

Warner Bros. DC intends to include a crisis on the infinite earths event ...

Good news, guys: Warner Bros. has announced a ten-year budget for its library of DC Comics characters.

The bad news: They have waited until now to have a ten-year schedule for the DC library?!?!

There is certainly a lot of instability behind Warners these days, as the company merged with Discovery, which brought in a new team of executives. At least one major DC project, an HBO Max Batgirl movie, has been canceled, leaving fans wondering which previously announced films and programs will still be produced, and which will run in the Hollywood Phantom Zone.

A lot of concern is centered around Walter Hamada, the guy who was previously in charge of Warner Bros. Discovery. When Hamada was removed, the company apparently exited, and for the momenthas only agreed to stay until the release of Dwayne JohnsonsBlack Adam.

If Hamada leaves, his plans may be altered even further. According to reports, his ideas for DC were surprisingly vague.

The Hamadas family agreed to have a Crisis on Infinite Earths event, a documentary about the seminal DC Comics story that was previously broadcast on The CW. Rumors have circulated about the creation of the Secret Six, a villain organization that is now active in the comics.

Crisis on Infinite Earths is basically DC's signature crossover series, which included every hero from the company's history and smooshed together all o the companies' various alternate realities into a single new continuity. The book came out in the 1980s and every few years since then, DC has done a variation on it. (In fact, if DC really wanted to challenge Marvel and something likeAvengers: Endgame in a serious way, it might be required to create aCr

Or will it happen? At this point, who knows? At this point, we will only have a clue until at leastBlack Adam begins in theaters, which begins on October 21.

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