Why Daredevils Kingpin Was Right

Why Daredevils Kingpin Was Right ...

We may not accept oftheir methods, but we often find ourselves agreeingwith their goals in the next Marvel video. The Kingpin fromDaredevil, played by Vincent DOnofrio. In our latest Marvel video, we examine both aspects of Wilson Fisks' personality in order to demonstrate that for all his many shortcomings, he may have been correct about a whole lot of things.

We examine the Kingpins' evolution over the course of the series and compare his appearance to Matt Murdock, his arch-nemesis. We also examine how Fisks' philosophy isn't that much different from Marvel heroes like Iron Man and Captain America, and then discuss how the Kingpins arc actually explains real-world people and events, like Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at this years Oscars. Click here to learn more.

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