The Highlander, named Henry Cavills, is getting closer to going

The Highlander, named Henry Cavills, is getting closer to going ...

There may be only one! It might be Henry Cavill. He is Chad Stahelski's first choice to star in a new version of Highlander, and he just might get his wish. Right now, aHighlanderfilm is in the works, and it is in the very early stages. One of the greatest obstacles it has encountered is Henry Cavill's very busy filming schedule, but from what Stahelski had to say, it appears like Cavill is on board.

A good action-packed franchise likeHighlander might go to Stahelski. Henry Cavill isn't too much ahoy when it comes to action, from his role asSuperman to his current role as Geralt of Rivia in NetflixsThe Witcher. A great deal of talent is available for Starbuck fans.

Highlander is still alive since 1986, but its DNA has evolved far beyond that. The Highlander series harkens back to pulpy adventure tales likeConan The Barbarianand and others. They seek and destroy each other towards the end of becoming the only Highlander left, and thus the most powerful in all of creation.

Chad Stahelski discussed what he has on the horizon in a recent interview with Collider. Here's all he learned about whereHighlander is, according to him.

Right now, we're in the process of tweaking. I believe we know what we want. More important than anything, we know what we want to make. Its in the creatives. We know what we want to make. Okay, here's how we get it started. We're all closer than we have ever been, so that's good.

There is certainly no official release date as of today, but we'll be sure to hear more about it very soon.

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