Size Equality Is Coming For Fast Fashion, And Remi Bader Is On the Frontlines

Size Equality Is Coming For Fast Fashion, And Remi Bader Is On the Frontlines ...

Remi Bader received a license to establish a brand after one of her realistic TikTok videos went viral in which she expressed her desire for Revolve to serve plus-size women. The result: Remi x Revolve, the brand's first plus-size collection, was inspired by a popular YouTube channel.

They said that weve been working to be inclusive for a while and haven't really known the right way to go about it. Wed love to do this with Remi, the 27-year-old fashion influencer tells Elite Daily of her early discussions with Revolve. Fashion that fits in the first Remi x Revolve drop, along with future discounts, are giving plus-size shoppers what theyve been begging for for years: fashion that *serves*.

Remi Bader in the Remi x Revolve Blazer gown

I literally have never encountered a blazer dress that fits me. I feel like they are always too short or just don't fit right or close, according to Bader before noting one of her favorite items. The blazer dress in the first [Remi x Revolve] drop is fantastic: a perfect length and excellent quality.

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It's not the only item Bader is excited about. There are a slew of new items, such as sets, to make you feel comfortable no matter what size you wear. There's also a standout, bold set that'll be in the second drop that Im so impressed with.

The content creator hasnt always felt particularly excited about shopping. There are plus-size outfits on the market, but I feel like there is a lot that are similar to this: in my shape, [hot], but also sophisticated, she says. This range is all clothes I want for my body that I have never been able to get. Fashion brands are notorious for failing curvy shoppers. According to statistics, 67% of American women are plus-size, so what is the hold-up?

It might be that brands are sticking to outdated assumptions about beauty and assuming that women who wear a size 14 and up don't care about fashion. (Wrong.) While plus-size fashion is worth more than $24 billion, and at the end of the day, advocates like Bader are on the frontlines, conveying that message loud and clear. With Remi x Revolve, Bader hopes to send that message home.

She explains that her goal was to create a collection full of items she always wanted, from casual outfits to going-out fits at a price point of $150 or less that doesn't compromise quality. It gives me confidence to find clothes that complement me, but make me feel empowered. I believe this collection will do that for people.

With the help of Revolve, Bader has transformed and enhanced the final collection. 'It makes you feel like a better bad*ss ready to take charge of your story.'

Bader is constantly addressing issues she experienced firsthand, but it hasn't all been smooth sailing. Some members of the larger group expressed concern over whether or not Revolves' initial expansion would be sufficient. Others expressed concern why Bader chose to collaborate with a traditionally straight-size brand instead of constructing a plus-only collection. Bader took in all the feedback and kept on going.

Revolve provided feedback, and they soon expanded to a size 4X, according to Bader. The fact that they produced all these pieces because of what people were saying, shows they want to do the best they can. But it is a business, however, because on the one hand, companies exist to make money. On the other hand, she understands how painful and frustrating it feels to be excluded from fashion simply because of your body. I see it from both sides.

Bader's personal experience is one of the reasons why she is proud that her collection supports the whole spectrum of body types. I truly, truly, want everyone to feel accepted and included. Fashion is supposed to be a fun thing, not a [diseasement] thing, and I'm always discouraged when it comes to shopping. Why would I make those smaller sizes feel left out too? Ive never been one for just small brands or just plus-size brands.

Being on set while campaign images were taken on such a beautiful body type was a personal touch for Bader. She said she was just kind of happy to get dressed all day today. But instead of seeing all these clothes on her models, she said, it was very exciting and rewarding.

Bader is optimistic that her work with Revolve will spark a ripple effect in the business. That's the drawback. I want to be able to wear all of these clothes. As for what she has taken away from the experience of designing Remi x Revolve, she says, it's imperative that speaking up will result in lasting change.

Weve all experienced them stumbling in a dressing room or scuppering at home because no of your clothes fits or is neglecting to go out. These are things that should be discussed, according to the author. After all, you never know who might be watching you share your feelings on social media. They may want to learn more. And they may even offer you a job.

The Remi x Revolve Collection

Remi x Revolve is now available. Visit the official website of Revolves, which includes many items in sizes up to 4X.

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