The In-Law Drama from Brooklyn and Nicolas is apparently just getting started

The In-Law Drama from Brooklyn and Nicolas is apparently just getting started ...

The honeymoon phase should be halted without some family tension. According to a Page Six source, the real problem might be personal branding.

OK, so the first sign of publicawkwardness occurred in April, when David and Victoria Beckham congratulated them on Instagram. (The couple actually changed both of their last names to Peltz Beckham.) This might have been the first sign of serious familial conflict.

The Peltz-Beckham drama was created for the wedding planning.

According to a source, on August 4, Nicola and Victoria have had a non-stop shady relationship. Neither stand up or talk, according to a source close to the family. The build-up to the wedding was horrendous. Nicola apparently denied Victoria any involvement in the nuptials. Communication was minimal, according to a source.

The Peltz Beckham bash reportedly had several awkward maneuvers. In the United Kingdom, the top table was all Peltzes, and it really felt like the Beckhams were not at the forefront. As you can imagine, the family's house and their daughter and their son were making speeches, according to a source. Awkward...

The two families have only just improved since then. It's pretty evident that everybody needs to find their place, according to a source on Page Six on August 9. Victoria and Nicola are just causing significant damage. It's not just about two women, but just about collaborating.

A Peltz Beckham brand is believed to be in high spirits.

What's the heck of the situation right now? The insider explained that the Beckham camp has a lot of worries about the couple constructing the Peltz Beckham brand. Nicola and her mother Claudia Peltz may have a new business venture in mind, funded by Nelson Peltz (Nicolas billionaire dad).

Nicola and her mother have orchestrated a vigorous action in the form of Nelson. There is a reason why Brooklyn and Nicola have now become Peltz Beckham. It's all about branding, according to the insider.

Sounds like that doesn't tie up well with David and Victoria. I think that Nicola and her mom brainstorm ideas, and Nelson can fund anything, and he says yes! For David and Victoria, it has to have some potential, according to the source.

The Peltzes and Beckhams may have different world views.

There may be a certain degree of a mindset conflict between the two families. The Beckhams are quite old-fashioned. They believe that everyone should make their own way up in the world, according to another source.Sounds like they only support nepotism in small doses.

Although theyll always give their kids a leg up in terms of support and encouragement, they famously made Brooklyn work in a cafe to teach him about his work ethic and to get some values. They also helped him with internships; then he went into cooking, and theyve supported that, a source added to the outlet. Again, they are not exactly ready to launch a new business just cause.

The Peltzes may have thought that [the Beckhams] would be easy. They are only a pop star and a footballer, but they have been doing this for 25 years, according to an insider. They are capable of being controlled with the Peltz funds.

Here's hoping that their in-law disagreement will be resolved soon maybe in time for a Beckham x Peltz x Peltz Beckham collab?

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