Mandy Moore Has The Princess Diaries' Best Idea

Mandy Moore Has The Princess Diaries' Best Idea ...

With rumors of a possible third film in The Princess Diaries, Mandy Moore is well-known for playing heartbreaking sweethearts thanks to starring in saccharine projects like A Walk To Remember and This Is Us. In the early 2000s, she had a mean-girl streak, and she became a great actress. Now, Moore is aware of the possibility of using manipulative Lana Thomas again in the next The Princess Diaries 3.

Moore admitted that she hasn't heard any firm intention to make a third Princess Diaries film since his appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show on July 29. Though her character Lana was ruthless bully in the original 2001 teen comedy, the actor said she would lose hope to see Lana return with a new leaf.

In the first film, my character was kind of the nemesis of Anne Hathaways, and she was so flexible I feel like there is no place for her, according to Moore. But then Barrymore suggested a redemption arc for Lana. She agreed that would be a good option, and she has done a 180, and she and Mia have become really good friends. So, I'd be game.

There is no guarantee that Lana will have to sing an updated version of Stupid Cupid, but the facts are still speculation. Back in 2019, Hathaway did confirm a script for a third film, which believes that both she and Julie Andrews are interested in reprising their royal roles, but it has been since radio silence.

Hopelessly, the Princess Diaries team is still planning to return to Genovia. However, until there are no additional updates, Lana will unfortunately have to remain a mean girl until proven otherwise.

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