Ew, David, Loves Dan Levy's Fav Lemon Basil Margarita Recipe

Ew, David, Loves Dan Levy's Fav Lemon Basil Margarita Recipe ...

The elite dailys I Tried series focuses on celebrities' favorite products, recipes, and routines to be put to the test to get you what living like your favorite actor is. Dan Levys lemon basil margarita recipe proves to be a top hit.

Dan Levy has grown to fame by developing his red carpet appearances and eyewear styles, although his next program, Maxs The Big Brunch, has earned him a lot of respect for his fashion choices. He has also earned praise for his ability to influence food and beverages, which he honed during his career as one of the hosts on The Great Canadian Baking Show. (If you haven't seen TGCBS, please do. It's the GBBO-Schitts Creek crossover that you

When I heard Levy had partnered with Cointreau to share his favorite margaritas this summer, I was adamant. I am a huge fan of classic and frozen margaritas, from traditional to mango, and this seemed to be the perfect (and simple!) cocktail for a late summer party.

Levy shared a cucumber jalapeno recipe with Today, stating that the recipe was simple enough that one may easily multiply and make large batches. He also has a favorite marg recipe with Cointreau, a lemon basil number, so I decided to make that one before seeing how it compared.

The Recipe

The ingredient list is so short that I was immediately concerned. I was especially excited because I already had the most of the necessary supplies in the house or outside in my garden.

Here's how the recipe works:

I may not like drinking margaritas, but I never make them. So I showed him what he was up to for his expert advice. Wait, that's it? No agave? No salt rim?!

Most marg recipes require four ingredients: tequila, orange liqueur (like Cointreau), lime juice, and agave or simple syrup. (Also, most recipes suggest fresh OJ, but most often keep it simple: Four ingredients. Levys recipe is technically five, subbing in lemon and basil instead of agave.

I decided that it would be fine, although I love a salt rim. Aside from that, I followed the recipe.

The Setup

Making a margarita isn't difficult. I started by adding the part where you salt the glass rim, even if the recipe does not demand it. (It's one of my favorite parts!) Then I placed the Cointreau and the tequila in the mixing glass.

I followed the lemon and lime juice, combined in a small measuring spoon, then added the basil directly to the mixing glass.

I added ice to the other half of the mixing cups, then put the two together, and then shook hard enough to beat up the basil, a bit like muddling. (Mr. Bundel removed it, and shook it harder. *Throws up hands in great defeat. *)

After smashing the two cups apart, he strained the liquid into one of our old-fashioned glasses. I added a citrus wedge from our apfel of dehydrated fruits and a basil sprig. Ta-da?

The Tasting

I took a bite of the lemon basil margarita and was struck by a lemon-lime-basil flavor and an alcoholic kick straight to the bloodstream. I plopped the glass down on the counter at the first sip and returned several steps. I was almost thrown out of the kitchen, saved only by my cat who was dissatisfied by a human stumble.

Mr. Bundel sat down and his eyes popped. He went to the fridge and returned with the seltzer and simple syrup; a tiny splash of the latter and a dollop of the latter went in the glass. Then he tasted it again, this time stirring with the wedge before putting it back on the glass. He then offered it to me to taste again.

Those two extra ingredients made all the difference: the agave lifted the lemon-lime down a bit and smoothened it out, while the seltzer splash made the instant alcohol buzz feel more like a gentle wave and less like being smacked across the forehead.My margarita had gone from Holy Highway to Headache.

Final Thoughts

The Levys lemon basil margarita is a great summer cocktail for those who like their drinks intense and robust. But listen: Some people believe that alcohol is associated with the territory. If you need to reduce the alcohol's intensity by adding even some sweetness and seltzer, do it theres no shame.

If you pair it with a delicious dinner, there are no need to fold in the cheese.

Don't miss a thing.

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