Elite Daily Newsletter: August 9, 2022

Elite Daily Newsletter: August 9, 2022 ...

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Tyler Cameron proclaimed that he is absolutely single.

I'm absolutely volunteering as a tribute. It was just last week that we confirmed that Paige Lorenze was dating, and now the two have called it quits. It seems to be a big week for breakups, although the cuffing season is approaching, but I digress. Tyler Cameron went on a podcast where he explained why it wasn't the appropriate time for either of them. READ MORE

Your Horoscope wants you to know your Ego at the door.

This week, a lot of planet shake-ups are being held. I mean, we already know about all the whole moon stuff, but Venus is also moving into Leo, which means that all of the creative projects and intimate connections are getting a fiery push. It might be time to connect with your community and do the dreadful thing of asking for help.


Lauvs' New Album Has Healed His Inner Child

Lauv became the first person to release his single I Like Me Better in 2017, which has been certified platinum in the United States five times and has amassed more than one billion Spotify streams. He chatted with Elite Daily about his new album, his desire to collab with Owl City, and the album he listened to on repeat.

Experts Share The Best Self-Care Free Ways

Although sometimes self-care involves buying new leggings every time you feel sad (huge, no comment), making a purchase for yourself doesnt necessarily have to cost anything. In fact, some of the best ways to fill your cup are completely free and fun! (Im in a state of calm; my new leggings are now available.) READ MORE


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