This New American Girl Podcast Will Make You *Feel* Whether You're 15 or 25,

This New American Girl Podcast Will Make You *Feel* Whether You're 15 or 25, ...

Shay Rudolph claims that even if you didn't know about American Girl, the brand that established the unofficial gold standard when it came to personalized dolls that reflected your identity. The whole of American Girl, he says, is so much nostalgic for me, and I have so many fond memories of playing with these dolls. For American Girl, its always been about giving its audience a solid foundation to build strong identities on the back of, no matter what stage in life they live.

The Smart Girls Podcast, which will be available on all streaming platforms, is an extension of the long-running American Girl book series, which promises to help young readers navigate everything they do, from first-time crushes and friendship encounters to body image and inclusion. During each episode, you'll be able to find multiple episodes dedicated to a variety of topics.

Either way, girls and women today face a lot of systemic challenges, according to Weiner. That's why, she says, the friendship you have with yourself is one of the greatest relationships you will ever have.

In my first year in college, Rudolph describes learning about myself in a varied way, but she notes that it was a fantastic method to train young people about their bodies. It was also an interesting lesson for those who were often afraid to read it. It was also an incredible lesson to have that as a young child.

On the Smart Girls Podcast, Weiner explains how important it is to talk about these things rather than a hoo-ha or a hoo-ninny. And when it came to anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and body image issues, it was really being specific, which I think the books did. These are real experiences that all individuals have for young girls, who are taught to be ashamed of these experiences.

This is not just true to young listeners. With the intergenerational approach, audience members of any age and background may learn how to explore their ever-evolving identities in a positive way. I created a lot of open conversations that anyone might listen to, according to Rudolph. If we were talking about friendship, we talked about the various ways [listeners can] handle something and how to have courageous conversations with the people in their life.

She claims that having Weiners experience to bounce topics off was beneficial. I was able to look back on moments and hear Jess' thoughts, and be like, Oh my god, yeah, I wish I had known that then.

Weiner chimes in on self-care, friendships, and the (unfortunate) humiliation of having crushes. It's just a grown-up, but the issues are still the same.

Confidence isnt something that just happens and stays forever. It's an up-and-down process, according to Rudolph. She believes it is beneficial to remind yourself daily that I'm on my own path, my own journey, and I'm doing what's best for me, and I can't compare that to anything other people are doing. Now, that's some advice I wish I had given when I was 16.

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