Demis Is reportedly in a Happy And Healthy New Ship With A Musician

Demis Is reportedly in a Happy And Healthy New Ship With A Musician ...

Demi Lovato has a hectic schedule, recording a new album, and planning a tour, yet she is reportedly dating a musician, though his identity remains unknown.

"It's a very happy and healthy relationship," says a source close to Lovato on Aug. 8. "He's a super good guy," said the source, who didn't disclose who Lovato was dating, but she dismissed the possibility of directing the singer to keep this one on the DL.

ICYMI, Lovato, and Ehrich got engaged on July 23, 2020, just four months after they began dating. It was difficult to last a lifetime, but they finally cancelled it two months later in September. In November, Ehrich accused her of exploiting her for clout. This is the same guy who was still tweeting about Lovato a month ago... yeah.

The heartbreak was weighed down by this split, and according to Lovato, she found her most authentic self. In an interview with The 19th in August 2021, she discussed how her breakup helped her recover from being my most authentic self. However, when she spoke to a virtual summit, she explained how she found myself avoiding all of myself that I wasn't aware of at the time.

In May 2021, Demi Lovato released as non-binary on her 4D with the show. I've had some healing and self-reflective work, which she said in the episode intro. I feel that this enhances my gender expression and allows me to express myself as the same person as I am. "I see this way, when I see him, and realize," says the author.

In an interview with the Spout podcast on August 1st, Lovato continued to reflect, and in August 2022, she began using her/her pronouns as part of their respective ceremonies. So I have adopted she/her again, and she has since released her seventh album, Holy Fvck.

Lovato and her new beau all the pleasure they deserve!

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