Review of School Tales The Series: Why is Everyone a Bully in This Horror Show?

Review of School Tales The Series: Why is Everyone a Bully in This Horror Show? ...

School Tales The Series, a new Thai horror anthology series, has eight episodes. Featuring Mike Phontharis Chotkijsadarsopon, Tum Putipong Saisikaew, and Songsak Mongkolthong, the star cast is vast and varied for every episode. Kay Lertsittichai, Ton Tonhon Tantivejakul, Pattadon Jan-Ngern, Sarika Sartsilpsupa, and others.

In this anthology involving ghost stories directed by experienced Thai horror directors, the synopsis concludes. Unspeakable horrors swoop through high school halls.

The makers of Netflix's School Tales: The Series have offered us eight episodes that promise to cover up eight different stories. All of these horrific events take place in high schools. The episodes are titled as 7 AM, Vengeful Spell, Beautiful, The Book of Corpses, Headless Teacher, Lunch, Curse, and A Walk in School.

The characters in the Netflix series are quite unpredictable and dissipating. For example, imagine you forgot a book your teacher had asked you to bring the next day. Instead of simply scolding you, she mercilessly kills you? Yes, the characters in the episodes are quite unpredictable and exhausting.

The first four episodes of Beautiful are filled with intriguing facts, chilling scenes, and strange twists. Despite Beautiful, none of the episodes remained disturbing me.

One episode of the series is a horror comedy, and it is the weakest in the series. Both horror and comedy had no wow factor.

The makers did not dwell too much on going into the backstory of why these evil creatures, powers, and curses exist. For the students, they are myths and rumors. However, in the eight episodes, we notice the atrocities occurring to them, done by them, and the evil energies. In almost every episode, one common element was the bullies.

bullies are the main antagonist in the Thai horror anthology series. These bullies are extremely depressing and depressing individuals. Fortunately, schools would have such awful and depressing students who harass someone just for fun.

School Tales There are a tumultuous young actors. Every actor has done a fantastic job throughout. Actors who played the bullies have successfully depicted the cruelty that is agitating to watch.

Review of School Tales The Series: Final Thoughts

The series of School Tales is engaging and has some fun episodes. Horror genre lovers will enjoy watching it. However, the episode with horror comedy and the previous episode do not draw your attention. One cannot help but wonder why is there so many bullies in this horror show?

The show is now available on Netflix.

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School Tales The Series Review: Netflix's Thai anthology show is a collection of unusual horror stories.

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