Recap and Review of Adamas Episode 5: Sneak Attack

Recap and Review of Adamas Episode 5: Sneak Attack ...

Adamas() is a thriller-mystery Korean drama series directed by Park Seung-woo and stars Ji Sung in the lead double roles of Ha Woo-sin and Song Su-hyeon. The series has rescheduled tvNs from Wednesday to Thursday, with a runtime of 65 minutes.

The series, described by Disney+, is based in the following languages:


Spoilers in Adamas Episode 5 Recap

Adamas episode 5 starts with the household in a split as Woo-sin passes out in Chairman Kwon Jae-kyus' room. To Tae-sung and Hye-soos horror, he still has his body slain. Someone sneakily picks up the Woo-sin recorder.

In the meantime, a masked man enters an apartment building with the clear intention of killing anyone who is in the bathroom. However, Ms Lee appears to be prepared for the attack and immediately knocks him down with a knife. Meanwhile, Su-hyeon stands under the bridge for the masked man who sent him the text.

Seo-hee approaches him and lets him know that she was the one who sent him the text. In the meantime, we discover that Ms Lee was expecting everything, and she tells Hyuk-pil that the person doesn't have fingerprints and it's difficult to identify him.

Curiously, he asks her what will happen to Su-hyeon and she assures him that Seo-hee will take care of him. Under the bridge, she tells Su-hyeon that this was all a test to see whether anyone was following him and that, like him, she even was bait at one point. Everything she told him up to this point has been deliberate planned, and it turned out the way she intended. Thanks to him, she caught the person who was following her.

When he demands she tell him what happens and who she is, she asks him to bring him.

Meanwhile, Woo-sin has woken up, although still in bed. Tae-sung comes in and gets right to the point the Adamas' location, narrates why the chairman didnt keep the Adamas at any other location, and claims that they should steal it as soon as possible, much to Tae-sungs dismal. In the meantime, Dong-rim sits outside the house wondering what he should do with the Woo-sin recorder.

Moreover, in a somewhat distressing one-sided conversation, Mrs Kwon teasing Ms Yoon, saying she knew she was the one who recommended Woo-sin. She tries to see whether or not he is because of his appearance in Min-jo, and she thinks that Hye-soo will have an affair with him. Ms Yoon doesnt say anything, but when she arrives out there, she gets a very creepy look on her face.

Later, a very high Hyun-jo hallucinates his reflection exposing him in the mirror about his incompetence and whether or not he will let Su-hyeon ruin everything for him. In the end, he immediately asks someone to do him a favor. Su-hyeon is sent to Hyuk-pils' safe house with a bag over his head.

Dong-rim sends the recorder to Woo-sin and shares the difficulties he is facing. Later on, Hye-soo selects a dress she sends to Ms Yoon with a rather flirty message. Is there anything between the two? We are simply getting incorrect statements?

Woo-sin mentions that he will steal the Adamas that night, and he's sure that it's in the chairman's office, because the chairman has left the entire area empty only so he can appreciate its beauty. So, they must lower it from the ceiling using the desk button. It's impressive how Woo-sin has taken the time to fix everything down, even the passcode that might be guarding the switch!

Su-hyeon is very adamant to learn that Woo-sin is in caboots with everybody to steal the Adamas. Even when Hyuk-pil claims that Woo-sin has recorded the Hye-soos confession, he has no other choice than to rethink whether or not. In the end, Su-hyeon notes that he wont be a part of this process, causing him to fall asleep.

Hyuk-pil and Tae-sung assist the brothers in talking to each other, while Su-hyeon always screams at him for doing something so harmful while Hyuk-pil advises Tae-sung to stop the Adamas plan because they might have something else. In another room in the safe house, Ms Lee is torturing the masked killer and asking him about Seo-hee when she was young.

Elsewhere, when Team A Leader Lee learns that his little brother has gone while trying to rid Seo-hee, he springs into action. By the looks of it, he notices that Woo-sin, the level-headed of the two, and going to Haesong feel a bit off, and Seo-hee notes that she finds it odder that Chang-woo, despite knowing he did nothing, expressed his belief in him.

What is the difference between this and the rest?

Anyway, after the interrogation does not give any outcome, Su-hyeon requests to do the interrogation to get something out of him. Through a series of questions, Su-cheol receives some suggestions. While he doesn't reveal all of his secrets, its something. Outside the room, however, everyone is adamant that torturing him is useless; he will not break.

When Dong-rim informs him that he took Hye-soos help in moving his father to another hospital, Woo-sin realizes that he made a profound mistake. Similarly, Hye-soo discovers Ms Yoon wearing the dress she chose earlier and tells him how he had chosen it for him.

Ms Yoon is a mixture of sadness and shame, and after she leaves Hye-soo finds her a sad and uninteresting romance. So, does that mean that Ms Yoon was in love with Hyun-jo, and when Min-jo died, they had the former marrying Hye-soo? Woo-sin makes her out and informs her to let Dong-rim's father go. Unfortunately, Dong-rim finds it too late that, contrary to his beliefs,

Woo-sin and Tae-sung discuss the button underneath the Jae-kyus desk. It either be that there never was an emergency or that its not for an emergency. The chances are 50-50, and although Tae-sung advises him not to go through with his plan so soon, he will be doing this that night.

While Hyun-jo and Ms Yoon are friends, Hye-soo feels extreme. At Haesong, Woo-sin examines the implications of pushing the button with a 50-50 chance, while Tae-sin warns him to prepare himself to arrest Woo-sin if it comes to that.

Episode 5 of Adamas is coming to an end.

Su-hyeon takes the totally crazy route and injects the guy with a muscle relaxant. As Manager Lee begins to notice the effects of the relaxant, Woo-sin discovers the Adamas slowly coming down from the ceiling. Or, well, the box at least. Jae-kyu is attempting to remove the evidence.

Review of Adamas Episode 5

I believe Adamas will take some time to explore the meanings of the story's nitty-gritties. As of episode 5, I think it's somewhat slow. I'm also interested in Haesong's family dynamics, but I'm still interested in it. There's something fishy that is currently not on the way.

But how exactly did Min-jo die? It appears to be sketchy.

Either way, it's a painful episode, an episode that we almost knew about it.

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Adamas Episode 5 is mellow, but does push the story forward pretty well.

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