Review of Instant Dream Home: Complete House Transformation in less than a day

Review of Instant Dream Home: Complete House Transformation in less than a day ...

Instant Dream Home is a lifestyle, home-makeover reality series that will be available on Netflix on 10 August 2022. In the spirit of Orange, Danielle Brooks is hailed as a team leader. It is produced by Tom Forman and George Verschoor and is directed by Anthony B Sacco.

Adair Curtis, Erik Curtis, Nick Cutsumpas, and Paige Mobley are among the cast members who plan and design the house. There are eight episodes in the series with a duration of approximately 41-47 minutes. In this home renovation series, deserving families experience the joy of their lives when their dilapidated house is transformed in just a few hours.

The Netflix series' synopsis is

A team of rapid-fire renovators takes significant risks and makes laborious plans to transform families' homes from top to bottom in just 12 hours.

The Instant Dream Home Review Doesn't Include Any Spoilers

The program is reportedly a part home renovation program and a heist film! A group of families are in for the pleasure of their lives, with their homes expected to completely transform and dramatically improved from ho-hum to OMG in one day! Well, the description sounds pretty fancy and somewhat it is.

The show's theme is simple: family or friends nominate someone to the show for a home renovation. Usually, the nominated person is someone who is friendly and caring about everyone, who gives back to society without expecting anything in return. From these entries, the show selects the one who really deserves to achieve the complete home transformation.

The crew of performers have limited the duration to 12 hours to renovate every element of the house. The friend and family take the homeowner away for the day so that the building team may enter the house and change the expectations by the time they return in the evening.

The house construction starts with a complete kitchen wall or a whole bathroom if necessary.

The stress and adrenaline rush to get things done on time is exciting to watch, and the big surprise announcement at the end is absolutely emotional and feels good to watch. However, I do not believe that the design team made in some houses, such as the one house with blue walls on the outside and a red door, didn't need to be changed a darker colour.

They may have simply altered the furniture, maybe some changes in the walls, and they would be done. Finally, after seeing the whole series, it felt like they simply wanted to demonstrate off their creativity and how lavish they can make the house by installing endless things instead of making the existing house better. Or by working with items that are already there.

I mean I have seen house renovations take months to complete complete, and they are making it happen in a day? Have also heard about the same type of show, which restored some kind souls, but later, it turned out that they were poor built because of the time constraints and soon began falling apart.

I want to be the one who pinpoints mistakes in everything, but I wish these programs showed some behind scenes and how they made it all happen. Imagine the homeowners getting a very substantial amount of money after the shoot.

Summing Up: An Instant Dream Home

This is why it's a shame that the show will be wildly popular as many other shows in the same genre. These shows highlight a lot of joy that people get. It's also heartbreaking to notice that goodness is still there.

Every episode gets into action right from the start, without spending time on long introductions and monologues. However, you will be surprised when Danielle is assigned something to do, as it ends up in causing additional problems (mostly). The show might include suggestions for your own house and how to decorate and design it.

The Netflix version of Instant Dream Home is now available.




Instant Dream Home is a home renovation reality series on Netflix that makes all the magic happen in just 12 hours.

Love the show-love the host.

Love Danielle Brooks. She is kind, compassionate and has a lot of energy! Bravo for being successful.

Danielle enjoys the show with its sweet flair, and im so happy she doesn't feel the need to change her bubbly personality to satisfy people.

Love the show love Danielle love all the families keep it coming back.

The show is fantastic-but don't miss it.

Danielle Brooks is so kind and welcoming, and she brings tons of energy to the table!

Danielle adds so much joy to the program, and am so glad she does not feel the need to change her bubbly personality to delight strangers.

Love the show, Danielle and all the families keep it coming.

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