Review of Bank Robbers The Last Great Heist: A Good Dream Robbery

Review of Bank Robbers The Last Great Heist: A Good Dream Robbery ...

The Last Great Heist (Los Ladrones: la verdadera historia del robo del siglo) is a documentary about Argentina's bank fraud that has been released on Netflix on 10 August 2022. It is directed by Matias Gueilburt and directed by Julian Rousso. Through sit-down interviews, it reveals how the most famous bank fraud took place.

The documentary has a length of 1 hour and 50 minutes. Based on the real-life events that happened in 2006, it is said to be the robbery of the century. The perpetrators eventually became the folk hero and maybe even inspiration for many fictional heist films.

The film's directory is titled "Cost of the Day."

The perpetrators of Argentina's most notorious bank heist detail how and why they executed the brutal 2006 operation.

-Bank Robbers The Last Great Heist Review Contain Some Spoilers -Bank Robbers The Last Great Heist Review

Fernando Araujo, the filmmaker who spearheaded the crime in 2003, was a good man who had taken a sabbatical and indulged in his passion for art. He was also working on plastic art, martial arts, and cannabis arts.

Until one day after discovering, he must rob a bank. He calls it the transcendence of death or a change in perception, where he wanted to do something, and create art that nobody can imagine or replicate. The conclusion of the bank robbery is quite unusual.

Despite the fact that every individual has thought at least once that he should just rob a bank, these conclusions differ from the individuals' financial situation, where they actually need money and robbing seems simpler than earning it over the last few years. And nobody actually acts on it, except some I guess.

Unlike Fernando, ordinary people were living a comfortable life. One was his friend Sebastian, an engineer by profession but operating a jet ski mechanic shop. Another was Luis Mario Vitette, an Uruguayan man who fled to Argentina for a temporary break from prison and joined the gang of thieves.

And the ones who joined later were also people with a crime/stealing history. Together they all came up with a strategy of faking a bank robbery in the front, creating a diversion, but actually stealing the safe deposit boxes in the basement vault, through an underground tunnel.

They scouted their way to the vault through the drainage tunnels and organized the whole plan, how they might steal and escape from it. It wasnt all that easy, they worked for almost three years till the plan slowed in 2006, although reports claim that they looted 143 safe boxes and took $95 million, but it might be more.

Honestly, their plan was almost perfect as well; from the start they didn't want to hurt anyone and they did nothing to all the hostages. Didnt leave any clues behind that would give away their identity and knew when to go away without falling into their greed. If only they were not exposed by the wife of one of the members who was also involved in the plan.

Everyone was spared jail time, and she was brought down because to her faking, but they might have been the ones who escaped the drain tunnel. Everyone involved was tried and sentenced to prison terms. Sentences were eventually reduced, and they are now at large, thus appearing in their own documentary.

Why they decided to rob a bank might be because, for example, the Argentines are utterly distrustful of their banks, and for good reason. They feel betrayed by them. Most famously in 2001, when the collapse of the national banking system, known as the corralito, erased all fortunes and affected millions of people.

Bank Robbers The Last Great Heist, Summing Up

The film (Los Ladrones: La verdadera historia del siglo) is an interesting read, particularly when it comes to finding the first-hand accounts of the perpetrators themselves. However, I can deduce that for Fernando, he wanted to be famous and known by everyone.

Either discretely or now that he has been exposed, he enjoys the attention he gets, and others do it too. They appear to be the finest criminals who escaped a bank with plastic guns.

The Last Great Heist, Bank Robbers, is now available on Netflix.




Bank Robbers The Last Great Heist on Netflix gives us a first-hand account of the perpetrators that executed the robbery of the century.

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