Sima Taparia Returns to Indian Matchmaking Season 2

Sima Taparia Returns to Indian Matchmaking Season 2 ...

Following Sima Thaparia, a Mumbai-based matchmaker, Indian Matchmakingis is launching a new reality TV series that will feature ten episodes, each with a runtime of about 30 minutes.

Netflix has described the series as:

Sima Taparia, a matchmaker, guides clients in the United States and India in the agreed marriage process, giving them an inside look at the custom in a contemporary era.

Season 2 Review of Indian Matchmaking Doesn't Include Spoilers

We all know that Indian Matchmaking is a reality television program, right? I believe I will begin by saying that a lot of this is planned, maybe all of it. So, we really need to take all of this with a grain of salt its all overdone for entertainment.

As we see the journeys the new ones go on in Indian Matchmaking season 2, there are a few new and some new people. I like the theme of the show, it keeps itself fun and flirty, and the background music is very light and never really gets seriously serious. The last season of Indian Matchmaking season 2 is repeated in subtle ways, and there are a few great surprises.

Sima from Bombay has just changed her mind from compromise to patience, which is, quite frankly, good. Compromise is often used to solicit women to abandon their dreams and self-deprecation, but it hasn't changed one bit, which is profoundly distressing.

All of the people on Indian Matchmaking season 2 are people who want to get married the traditional way. Lets not kid ourselves here all of the people here aim to find partners through matchmaking. And thats fine, youre allowed to make these choices for yourself. Love or arranged, as long as its consensual and everyone is happy; it is what it is.

There are certainly a lot of things wrong with the attitude of the viewers on the show, which is something we observe in everyday life, unfortunately. It's problematic on-screen and off. When you see Sima Taparia say things that aren't progressive and inclusive, it's a little divisive and divisive.

It's important to note that arranged marriages are a dangerous hobby in India. I must note that during a hate-watch, this is exactly how some people go through life. However, the matchmaking does not take place for many people. I must mention that arranged marriages are a dangerous business in the subcontinent. In a country in which love marriages can end in death, I wanted to point out that it feels still tone deaf.

There's classism, castism, and everything horrendous that plagues India. Do we like it? Yes. After the turmoil of last season, Indian Matchmaking decided to change the show or its people, but again, it is a program geared towards the wealthy and allows people to look into huge mansion-like houses and swanky automobiles and wonder, if?

India is moving forward and attempting (being the operative word) to find spouses on their own terms, so thats great. However, Taparia appears to push for people to quickly decide whether they will marry the next minute, so that her TRP is increased. On the other hand, she doesn't believe that you can know someone during the first meeting. These odd statements are also awful.

People expressed displeasure over Taparia's decision to draw down the women while giving them the benefit of compromise. In the last season, I believe Aparna still respects both genders, which, I guess, is a win. However, like in the previous seasons, Aparna says she still strives for a superior outcome.

Which, you know, is fair. However, the way Taparia talks to her is so erratic sometimes, which raises the question why should successful, self-made individuals compromise their desires and needs to settle down? Which, however, raises the question what happened to having patience?

I believe the show in the last season did a good job to Aparna, claiming that she was, truly, not. I think I related to Aparna and her struggles. When you have accomplished a lot and accomplished all of them alone, you should get everything you need and deserve. Different people may choose a spouse, but none of them is wrong.

Season 2 of Summing Up: Indian Matchmaking

Most people will think of Indian Matchmaking season 2 as shady. It's definitely entertaining and fun and will provide you with what you need to do in a relationship or when you have decided to marry. It's not better than the first season; it's just another reality television that you watch and forget over a lazy weekend.

Season 2 of Indian Matchmaking is now available on Netflix.




Indian Matchmaking Season 2 is great for a hate-watch but still continues to be tone deaf.

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