Review of I Am Groot: Marvels Fun and Adorable Little Hero Keeps You Smiling till the End

Review of I Am Groot: Marvels Fun and Adorable Little Hero Keeps You Smiling till the End ...

With one spin-off and origin story after the other, Marvel is racracing our screens this time is I Am Groot, based on the Marvel character of the same name who was seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy volumes as well as Avengers Endgame. An animated series of shorts, the show is directed by Kirsten Lepore. She is also the director and writer of the shorts.

Baby Groot and Rocket will be voiced by Vin Diesel for Groot and Bradley Cooper, according to the author. Wrist Watch also includes five shorts in total, each three-minute period.

The I Am Groot Review Doesn't Include Spoilers

I Am Groot: A Ball of Joy, Chaos, and Everything You Need!

Groot is a character that everyone is completely in love with. From its entry through the Guardians of the Galaxy film series to the heroic moment it took to the Avengers Endgame, Groot has become the one character you can rely on to be silent hero in times of need. Through a series of fun and silly events, you can get to know them.

Groots' First Steps

Is this Groot's origin story? Well, it sure is a story that explains why this tree-like humanoid can walk! The short opens with Baby Groot in a technology-savvy space. He might be a project or someone's possession. But, Groot seems to have lost everything and is determined to return to his current state. Only in the short journey Groot takes, he discovers something that changes his life.

The Little Guy

The second short is based on Toddler Groot's hilarious journey in the wilderness. After discovering a few tricks on what Groot is capable of, it experiences the outer world for the first time. From meeting a miniature civilization to getting a God complex to being a chaotic hand, Groot does everything in under three minutes.

Groots Pursuit

The next time we meet Toddle Groot, he is fast asleep in the Quadrant. However, a spooky resounds him to examine what little creature is wreaking havoc on his nap time. The short takes an intense musical, Salsa-like turn of events.

Groot Gets a Bath

Groot discovers an almost magical puddle back in the wild, which not only satisfies the urge to take a sweet long bath, but surprises Groot with some exceptional growth, even if no one saw coming.

Magnum Opus

Groot develops his mischievous skills to paint a somewhat chaotic but heartbreaking portrait of the Guardians of the Galaxy. However, the Quadrant as well as Rocket are put on fire.

Final Verdict of I Am Groot

I Am Groot is a slew of mischief, pride, and merriment. The episodes are so short that you may just breeze through them while you're eating, working, or on the way to travel. It might be Marvels most adorable little show to date that will keep you smiling until the end.

I Am Groot, a pleasant surprise and change after a slew of characters and narratives in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is well done in that it is capable of telling the story without too much glitz or glamour, but with enough fancy elements to impress you. The titular character has a huge role to play in the span of five episodes, which gives us a wide variety of emotions from being a little nuisance to a helping branch. It provides being the sassy, kind character it is

If you want to take a break from everything around and laugh out loud, I Am Groot is a must-watch.

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I Am Groot is a breezy, fun watch for all of us in this busy world.

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